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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

Protect your machine 5 stars
Since 2006, this is a great piece of software. Excellent firewall, good antivirus, - sometimes too much false positives - excellent malware blocker - not so good on removing malware - and even if it is full of tabs and "buttons" their help documentation and instructions are so good that I really do not understand some of the comments below. Never had any problem, never had a major issue, it keeps my two machines nice and clean Price: Free
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Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Hard Disk Sentinel Professional

Can save your work by predicting disk health 5 stars
I was not the kind of guy that was very worried about disk failures, until the day I lost a complete set of photographs (I am a photographer) that was stored in one external WD, so I lost precious work. Even after trying to recover those files, it was not the same thing. DiskSentinel Pro was presented to me here at Snapfiles and after reading carefully in their own site what the software can do for my disks - 2 internal for a total of 2,5 TB and 4 external for a total of 2,30 TB - either from WD or Seagate ( good hardware ) I decided to install it in my computer and I am amazed with the panoply of tests and options the software does give. Very simple to use, an excellent help file , which makes us feel at home and quite safe in what harddisks monitoring is concerned. I have tried in the past another topnotch software but it stays miles away from DSP. All in all, a great disk monitoring tool, plenty of information about our disks. Fully recommended ! Price: Free Trial ($35.00)
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Image for Windows Image for Windows

Top notch 5 stars
My 2007 review was for IFW version 1.70 C. I have upgraded to V2 and still is - at least for myself - the King of imaging software. Added functionalities - differential back'ups - and a lot more,- backups can now be scheduled besides a lot of new features - makes IFW even a better solution for those hazerdeous days when we have to revert our system due to any failure . I have tried DriveImage XML but never got a lock on the drive, even with Volume Shadow Copy enabled. And on top of this all, Terabyte support is as excellent as the software itself: just got answers in minutes, even on a week-end, and very helpfull as well. Topnotch softyware with topnotch support. Thank you very much. Price: Free Trial ($49.98)
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Thunderbird Thunderbird

Probably the best, being that is free 5 stars
I have used them all - or almost - and I confess the first time I tried Thunderbird I did not like it. However after close inspection of features and after using it, allways comparing with others, I have to admit this is a great email client for one - like myself - that do have several mail accounts on different servers. I only use it on an IMAP configuration and it works like a charm as I can not only keep the messages I want on the servers instead of having them on my machine, delete the ones I do not need and even receive a message on a server and forward it from a different one, transfer messages from one server to another, on the fly, etc. I use the portable edition and have it installed on a USB pen, is fast enough and very reliable. The management of messages is top notch, as is the management of the address book, either in groups or by individuals. As a free program, it must be considered the best of them all. Price: Free
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O&O Defrag Professional O&O Defrag Professional

Getting better and better 5 stars
I am a semi-pro photographer and I handle big TIFF and RAW files on a daily basis and all my drives - internal and external - must be always in top notch condition in order I am able to be fast in what I am doing as I move those files from drive to drive regularly.I came from OO defrag V8 and I am now with V10 and it gets better and better all the time. I ended up with the auto setting for all the drives - at beginning I always chose on demand defrag with different defrag methods - but the auto mode it's really a peace of mind, as it is reliable and effective. Never had a single problem with the software and I strongly recommend it to others. And I do not think it is expensive, as quality must always be paid. I've tried others prior to buy OO V8 two years ago - shareware and freeware - but OO it's a clear winner. Great defrag tool. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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