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Unlocker Unlocker

Best i found - but... 5 stars
This is the one with the slickest interface, and easiest to use controls. Unfortunately for me, it couldn't find the process that was locking the file, but none of the utilities I tried could find it. It was also unable to delete the file without a reboot (same with other utilities). It would be nice if one of these tools would go the extra mile to give *any* available information possible as to what could be locking a file, because it is a reoccurring problem for me. Price: Free
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ZipGenius ZipGenius

Excellent! (but...) 5 stars
I honestly wish I could use ZipGenius with confidence, but when it comes to a zip/unzip utility, I don't want to have to think twice about whether it will work properly or not. Unfortunately, I've found it works great most of the time, but occasionally does not and, because I would rather have a less capable but more trustworthy utility, I plan to use another for now. To the author, ZipGenius deserves the 5-stars I gave it for Interface, Features, Ease-of-use, and of course price/value. However, If there were a reliability category, I could only have given it 3 stars. I look forward to trying it again sometime in the future. Price: Free
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Miranda IM Miranda IM

Add-ins make all the difference, but... 4 stars
Miranda's use of add-in functionality is both a blessing and a curse. Add-ins allow Miranda's core developers to maintain their focus on the basic client while others create the additional optional functionality. Pros: Basic client has relatively low resource usage. With add-ons you get really nice features and visual improvements. In fact, with the more popular add-ons, Miranda is arguably superior to all of the other IM clients currently available. Cons: Choosing, downloading, installing, enabling, and configuring all of the add-ins is not for the faint of heart. Appearance of basic client is drab at best and is missing some features you might expect. I am sure many uninstall it based upon first appearance without giving it a second chance. Price: Free
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All My Software All My Software

Looking for better... 3 stars
It's good, but I'm looking for better (and not finding it...) I was hoping for versioning (ability to enter a separate registration key for each upgrade I have purchased for some software packages. But this package forces you to enter that type info into a notes textbox. Price: Free Trial ($24.95)
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Chameleon Clock Chameleon Clock

Bad performance issues 3 stars
I love Chameleon Clock! Especially when combined with clock wallpaper. But, I began to notice my pc was performing sluggishly and found ChamClock.exe had extremely high page faults--the highest, with more than double the next highest app, and very high cpu usage--the third highest. I reported this 11/20 to SoftShape, but I must agree with the other reviewers comment that they don't seem to bother answering their mail. A previous note I sent them over a month ago as a registered purchaser remains unanswered. Overall, it is a very promising application. I encourage you to try it along with the above mentioned clock wallpapers just to experience it, but I must hold off on recommending it until they have fixed the performance issues. Price: Free Trial ($29.99)
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Convert Convert

Not as complete as others state 4 stars
Granted, this utility does a lot of conversions, and you can't beat the price (free). But I was looking for a date converter--to convert between various date formats and found this one does not do dates. It will convert PARTS of a date, for example from days to minutes, etc., but you cannot enter a standard date such as 10/01/2007 and return it in another format such as 2007.259 I also found the interface somewhat lacking in that it doesn't fully support keyboard navigation. A mouse is required. Price: Free
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TalkItTypeIt TalkItTypeIt

Didn't work for me... 2 stars
There were too many unincluded features that are needed for this to be functional. For example, navigation is not included and is a separate download. Speech recognition during training seemed to be almost flawless, around 90-95%. But then when I finished training and began trying to use it, the speech recognition dropped to about 15%. I didn't use it long enough to give it a thorough test. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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High quality software 4 stars
Without a doubt, NEO is high quality software and works hard to do what it sets out to do, to organize your email without interfering in any way with the normal functioning of Outlook. But, as newer versions of Outlook have become available, much of the functionality that NEO provides already exists in some form in Outlook. So, while NEO still provides a different method of looking at and accessing your mail, its usefulness has somewhat lessened over time. If you are looking for a revolutionary way to cleanup your inbox, NEO will disappoint you. If you are looking for additional and alternative ways to access your email you will find NEO useful. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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