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Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

A problem killer!!! 5 stars
I have an Artec AT3E scanner I love, but it doesn`t work in Windows XP. After I moved from WinME, I thought it would collect dust in a corner, until I knew about MSVPC. I only had to create a Win98 machine, enable LPT1 and run a copy of a Photo program. As a result, the scanner works as good as in the good old times. There were some minor problems with Win98, but I successfully created a link to the host machine, where I can save my files. I also have experimental Windows 3.11 and XP machines, and one just to run Linux live-cds. It works very fine in Vista, since I made an XP machine for my brother`s laptop to run his company`s VPN program. Problem solved. Except for the lack of USB support, the program is very good, and you can run lots of things, as long as you have the proper CPU and memory requirements. You can all safely give this baby a try. : ) Price: Free
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ZoneAlarm Free ZoneAlarm Free

Im a true ZA fan 5 stars
Some people say firewalls slow the connection down, specially when it comes to dial-up. It happens ZA doesn`t. I tested it several times with/without it and my speed remains the same. When I had to reformat my HD and used Internet without ZA installed, I had much more reports on Ad-aware, AVG and Spybot S$D. So I say Zone Alarm is pretty efficient, although the newer version warns you too much about outbound connection attempts. It doesn`t have any problem with P2P programs, except the crappy Shareaza. As long as they keep the good work, Ill will be using ZA when I move to broadband. Price: Free
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