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Quick Macros Quick Macros

Brilliantly witten software for macros 5 stars
I've been using this for a few days and very impressed by how much thought went into the design of this program. Saved macros are organized in custom tree style folders on the left and the selected macro displays the script on the right side. This is very good design. It didn't take long to look at the samples and read some of the user guide to quickly learn that you can control the overall speed with "spe xxx" and insert wait times with a simple number (ie "5" five seconds"). I also learned several key stroke commands quickly too. However, you can just use the handy toolbar and it will insert commands for you very easily. The record and playback buttons are located where you expect and it's very easy to record, save, and play back new macros. You can create custom floating toolbars and menus for quick access to your macros. This is brilliantly written software. Price: Free Trial ($40.00)
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Phantom Sidekick Phantom Sidekick

Great basic macro key program! 4 stars
This macro program is saving me a lot of time entering data from a spreadsheet into Quickbooks. It does exactly what I need to do that. Adjusting macro playback speed is easy with this command: Sleep(n) where nseconds. Place that anywhere in the script you need. I also quickly found the System command to run an .exe program from the online help. The interface could use a facelift, but does the job easily to create, edit, and run macros. I like the tree view to organize your macros. Place a check mark in Macro Set to create a new tree folder. Also nice is the tray icon you can right click and see your macro tree view and run them from the tray. I wish there was a keyboard option to stop a macro playing back, you have to mouse click on a stop button to do that, which is not always easy if the mouse is moving around. Thanks to the developer for providing this! Price: Free
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Beyond Compare Beyond Compare

Best software I've ever used 5 stars
I've used BC for years since version 2. The interface, design and function were superb then but version 4 takes it to a whole new level. If only all software was designed this great. Indispensable. Also, when I uninstalled BC version 3 with Revo Uninstaller, it found no left over file fragments etc anywhere. The only software I've ever used that fully installs completely, as reported in Revo. Price: Free Trial ($30.00)
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Rename Master Rename Master

Fantastic 5 stars
This is an incredible program. Just take a few minutes to learn how to use it and you realize how brilliantly it's written. Incredibly useful and when a file can not be renamed it turns red, and tells you why! My only request is to add a checkmark box at the top to be able to checkmark-all, and uncheckmark-all. To do that now you simply press Ctrl+A, Ctrl+D or use edit menu. Thanks for this great program! Price: Free
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Paint.NET Paint.NET

Simple, elegant 5 stars
Very nice simple editor! I needed something to do layers, add text, etc. The interface is elegant, I wish all programs were written like this! Text layers once created have to be deleted, then retyped to be modified. But a great feature is that text can be resized by dragging corners- very nice! Price: Free
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Active File Recovery Active File Recovery

Recovered files and folders from my bad drive 5 stars
My 80gb hard drive C suddenly crashed and windows would not boot- stuck black screen just before windows boots. I installed a new hard drive (I wanted to upgrade my main boot drive) and installed the bad one as a slave. Windows detected the drive but drive properties said 0 files, and explorer said invalid drive. I believe my partition had become damaged. I downloaded the demo and it found all the folders/files that were not damaged, displayed them in nice explorer like interface, and actually let me test download files under 64k. Worked perfect and very easy- just click on a folder or file to highlite it, then click Recover button, then select destination- very easy! The price by the way is only $29 at publisher site, not $49 at snapfiles. Best price for this quality! This company is serious about recovery tools, visit their web site. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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