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Bulk Rename Utility Bulk Rename Utility

Wow 5 stars
I can't add much to the other reviews listed. The interface is intimidating at first with a zillion options but a little patience pays off big time. Each option is numbered and the changes are made in that order. I'm not aware of any other program that can match this in sheer power and flexibility. A preview window shows you what the new file names will be -- very nice. I've used the program for better than a year and I can't complain about a thing. Price: Free
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Graphics2PDF Graphics2PDF

Not quite ready for prime time 2 stars
First of all, the price is right. In general, the program works as advertised. Issues: 1.) You can't zoom in on the thumbnail images to be sure of which page is which so it is easy to produce a document with pages in the wrong order; 2.) You can't clear all the images at once--to get ready for a new document, you need to delete the images one at a time; 3.) The program sometimes claimed the image files were corrupt -- maybe they were but other graphic programs could handle them; 4.) It would be nice if the program could merge other pdf files as well; 5.) The program defaults to saving your files to your Documents and Settings folder instead of My Documents and offers no way to create a default save location' 6.) The interface is utilitarian to say the least. I think with a few tweaks, the program will be a nice addition. Price: Free
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DeepBurner Free DeepBurner Free

Does the job with no fuss 5 stars
I've tested this program burning disk images (iso files), audio (mp3 to CD), regular data CDs and data DVDs. I tested with HP and LiteOn burners. It prints CD labels and there is a function to create an image including a bootable one. I did not try these. For what it does, it's faster and easier than Nero in my opinion. In burning mp3's to audio, it's more reliable than the WMP Nero 7 plug-in (I burned some variable-bit-rate encoded mp3's with the Nero plug-in and got a lot of "skips" -- DeepBurner was flawless on the same media). The program does not have some extras of commercial programs such as audio normalization or video tools. Also, you apparently must have administrative privileges to use the program. The interface feels amateurish but is functional; on the burn dialog, I had to expand the window to see the Burn button. Though I have a paid version of Nero, I prefer DeepBurner for most of my CD and DVD burning. Price: Free
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FastStone Image Viewer FastStone Image Viewer

Best in class 5 stars
First, this is semi-freeware. After several months it'll pop up a screen asking if you want to donate any amount. You have the option of declining (but shouldn't). The program is slightly slow when loading a directory with hundreds of photos. You get not only a nice thumbnail but quick stats and a bigger preview when you click or arrow to the pic. Drag and drop to maintain your album. Press Enter or double-click a pic and you get into the real power--spend some time exploring. Press 2 for double size. 3 for triple size. Move your cursor to each edge of the screen for menus of things you can do. The crop and resize tools are sensational. Other effects are mostly very good to superb. Red-eye removal was okay. I wish some of the effects were on a right-mouse click but at least there are keyboard shortcuts. The more I use this program, the more I love it. Price: Free
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TrueCrypt TrueCrypt

You can't beat it with a stick 5 stars
You need to walk through the tutorial to be confident of how to use the program. Be sure not to create a file on a compressed drive. Awesome power and rock-solid security. Unless you are trying to protect nuclear secrets from the bad guys, most of the default settings are just fine. This is the best there is. Price: Free
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