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Picasa Picasa

Not bad... 5 stars
Earlier this week I needed to make a collage of photos for a magazine. Needless to say, I tried several free software before finally trying Picasa. It was absolutely fantastic for the task. It's inbuilt collage creator is far better than any other I have seen on the internet. Fantastic! Price: Free
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Alright... 3 stars
This is indeed a very powerful archive manager. However, in my opinion, once the free trial is up, the software runs its course. There are plenty of free alternatives out there just as powerful as WinRAR. This is worth a shot but I personally do not think it is worth its price. Price: Free Trial ($29.00)
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SuperF4 SuperF4

Excellent 5 stars
Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Very useful when a program stops responding and you are unable to spawn the Task Manager. Definitely recommended. Price: Free
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TinyTalk TinyTalk

Not bad. 5 stars
I can see how this will be useful in some places. Not bad. I've got it to work over the Internet and on LAN. Price: Free
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DesktopOK DesktopOK

Perfect 5 stars
Wonderful program! Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Price: Free
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Sandboxie Sandboxie

Incredibly useful 5 stars
Very useful program when trying out suspicious programs or trial software. Whatever you run through Sandboxie is run in a sandboxed environment. To give you an example of how effective this is, if you install a trial software and the trial runs out, you can clear the Sandbox and reinstall the trial as if you had never done so in the past. Perfect tool for testing and 'hiding all traces'. Also, as far as I can tell, the only limitation I know of between the full version and the free trial is that, for the trial, you have to wait 5 seconds before starting the program. That's it! Price: Free
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HijackThis HijackThis

Be careful... 5 stars
As the others have said, do not do anything with HijackThis besides running the scan. Unless you know what you're doing, you may end up rendering your computer unbootable. There are many free forums out there on the internet that offer help in analysing HijackThis logs and Malware Removal. Do not use this if you don't know what you're doing! Price: Free
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Runscanner Runscanner

Very good, but be careful.... 5 stars
This little App provides incredibly detailed information about loaded process, startup items, loaded .dll's, HijackThis items, and more! Unless you don't know what you're doing, I suggest leaving this tool alone. One small move and you may render your computer unbootable. Use this tool with caution. Price: Free
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USBDeview USBDeview

Great! 5 stars
A very handy tool to see exactly what has been connected to the computer, when it was connected, and its manufacturer. Love it! Price: Free
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Sketchup Sketchup

Fantastic 3d art and design program 5 stars
This is a very simple, yet powerful 3D modeling program. I've used this program for years and in fact my school has implemented Google Sketchup into the Lower School learning curriculum for Design and Technology. You can create anything from pens and pencils to skyscrapers and the USS Enterprise; all downloadable through Google's 3D Warehouse. Price: Free
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DeskPins DeskPins

Fantastic! 5 stars
A must have! Keep a window (pin a window) on top of all other windows. Very useful when taking notes or copying from one document to the other. Absolutely wonderful! One trick I like to do with it is get a movie or video, restore it down and drag its size to a small square, drag it to the right side of the screen, and start working on my word document. This way, when you click on the word document, the movie is still in front and you can continue watching the movie whilst working without worrying about it disappearing behind the word document. Price: Free
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Audacity Audacity

Simply...the best audio editor! 5 stars
Who doesn't know Audacity? It has to be the best free audio editor around. Very easy to use, very simple, very fast, and offers many features. Price: Free
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Kana Reminder Kana Reminder

Best reminder program! 5 stars
In all the programs I've tried, this is the best one by a mile! I don't want to repeat what ZeeLaz posted before me, but this is indeed worth a shot. I love it! It does exactly what it is supposed to do, and it does it extremely well. Price: Free
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Starter Starter

Handy tool. 5 stars
This is a GREAT program to show you what exactly starts with your computer during startup, as well as shows you detailed information about the startup items, as well as services and running processes. Definitely recommended. Price: Free
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WinDirStat WinDirStat

Very good tool. 5 stars
If you're short on space and are looking for anything hogging your hard disk space, this is a great tool for the job. The picture representation is a great way to show you the files on your computer. If you see a large block, it would be a large file. If you clicked on the large block, its file information will come up, showing you when it was created, how big it is, its location, etc... Very useful, but takes a long time for it to analyze the computer. Price: Free
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EULAlyzer EULAlyzer

Very useful. 5 stars
Very useful in identifying if a program you are about to install has bad intentions or does anything potentially harmful to the computer. Just paste the EULA/License agreement into the program, let it analyze for a second, and it comes back with an assessment. It's free, why not. Price: Free
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Quick Media Converter Quick Media Converter

Fabulous! 5 stars
This isn't one of those crap converts you download off the internet that don't do anything and turn out not to be free. This actually works! It supports dozens of formats (converting to and from), as well as supporting batch conversions. It has to be one of (if not) the best media conversion software out there. Price: Free
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ShellLess Explorer ShellLess Explorer

Not bad. pretty neat! 4 stars
I haven't used it as much as I thought I would, but I think it's a much better tool compared to Windows Explorer... Not entirely sure if I would buy it or not because I don't use Windows Explorer myself. It has pretty neat functions, and definitely something I recommend you try. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Visual Task Tips Visual Task Tips

Brings XP one step closer to Vista 5 stars
It took a while to configure properly and to a setting I liked, but it does what it's supposed to, and it does it very well. Brings XP one step closer to mastering Vista's new features. Price: Free
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Stick Stick

Its ok.... 4 stars
I haven't used it much, but maybe because I don't like the fact that you cannot 'stick' the tab to a fixed position. You can always drag it around the plane you've pinned it to. Price: Free
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Dexpot Dexpot

One of the best 5 stars
One of the best virtual desktop programs I have ever seen. Only disadvantage I can come up with so far is the fact that you cannot interact with another desktop, especially in Full Screen mode (where you preview all the other desktops, however many you have). Unlike the mac, you cannot drag windows to your current desktop, but you can indeed move them to another desktop by right clicking the window you want to move. Very useful for school when you want to hide your desktop for your teachers, and very useful if you keep your taskbar cluttered up with many windows or you are letting your parents use your computer and you don't want them to see what you have open. Price: Free
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xNeat Clipboard Manager xNeat Clipboard Manager

Very useful. 5 stars
Ever experience the problem where you copy something, plan to paste it later, but lose it after unintentionally copying something else? This is a great way to keep a selected number of copies in memory. Very useful, and I can see many ways this will help an average user. Price: Free
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Inpaint Inpaint

Incredible! 5 stars
If you are looking to remove a large selection behind a complex background, this program isn't going to work very effectively. However, it is AMAZING! I would definitely recommend this software. It really does make you think about all the time you wasted editing pictures pixel by pixel. This does it all for you. Price: Free Trial ($19.99)
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