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Eraser Eraser

The best file erase program I have found. 5 stars
Deleting files in Windows doesn't really remove the file. It just removes the reference to those files which means a data recovery program can still restore them. When you right click on the recycle bin and select erase recycle bin, Eraser overwrites the contents of the recycle bin to completely obliterate any data that was there. I have tried different file shredding programs but found this one to be the best for Windows. Once you use Eraser on a file you can be assured that it really is erased and not just deleted! Price: Free
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Auslogics Disk Defrag Auslogics Disk Defrag

Does the job well. 4 stars
I much prefer this defragmenter to the Windows Defrag utility. This is much faster and it does the job it was designed for without a lot of bells and whistles. I've made it a part of my software utilities tool kit. Price: Free
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Moffsoft FreeCalc Moffsoft FreeCalc

Works great! 4 stars
I have been using FreeCalc in place of the Windows calculator. I particularly like the ticker tape output showing all your calculations which can be printed out and kept for your records. You can also customize the look by choosing different colour schemes and raised or flat buttons. Nicely designed! Price: Free
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SoftPerfect Network Scanner SoftPerfect Network Scanner

Very useful. 4 stars
Network Scanner is a useful freeware program to scan IP addresses in a specified range and display the information in an expandable tree list view. There are additional features such as showing MAC addresses, folder shares and network printers and open port information. This is one of the programs I use as part of my network troubleshooting toolkit. Very recommended. Price: Free Trial ($29.00)
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ProduKey ProduKey

Light weight and well designed. 5 stars
ProduKey is a nice little program that lets you grab your product ID and Windows Key to save and keep for your records. Like all Nir Soft programs it is small (no bloatware here) and does the job perfectly for the application it was designed for. Thank you Nir Soft. Price: Free
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