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Everything Everything

Really is the best in desktop search! 5 stars
I have used this program for a couple of years now, I don't remember how I ever did without it. I always install it on a new fresh build or install and I have put it on all Family members' PC's as well as lots I have repaired. The software really is simple to use, even if you do nothing and install it with the defaults set, it just works. Start it and let it run every time windows starts, it uses very little RAM believe me. Double click to open a box, from the icon in the systray. As you type your search entry, the results are forming below, like Google suggestions, the prog is finding your files as you type as it has a database of them after the scan. It is amazingly fast at scanning and of course, searching. I cannot recommend it enough! It also has settings to use it over FTP or HTTP but I haven't looked into those settings, I just want a local file searcher and this is THE one to have :) Price: Free
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MozBackup MozBackup

It really works and is so simple! 5 stars
I won't say too much about this software as it speaks for itself really. It's in the name: MOZbackup. It backs up your Mozilla apps, Firefox and Thunderbird. I only used it with Firefox but I can testify that it works really well. I restored the back up onto a different machine so I can have all my settings etc in Firefox, on that second PC. After restoring, I fired up one of the profiles (this Firefox of mine has 6 profiles! It backed them all up no problem!) and it worked perfectly. Even the extensions and my little hacks and customisations...all working. Freeware too?! We are being spoiled! Price: Free
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StreamTransport StreamTransport

Works well! 4 stars
I have tried quite a few different methods for downloading streamed content. This little program holds up well to the competition and it is worth having in an arsenal of different programs as some will get some streams and others will be good at other types. No one program can grab all streams. This program is no different in that way. Still, it was good on Youtube and a couple of other quick ones I tested so it does work. I'll keep it and see how it goes :) Price: Free
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CPU Speed Professional CPU Speed Professional

Does what it claims 4 stars
I just tested this software and I only have a couple of things to report. Firstly, the interface is really nice...smooth and sleek and very easy to see what is what and find the things you need. I tested the CPU and surprise! the result was 2999mHz and my CPU is a 3.0gHz CPU so it told me what I already knew. When I tried to use the 'submit your score' to the online database of worldwide CPU scores (what purpose?!) it returned an 'unable to connect to server' error and told me to go online via the website to do this. I declined. The program also has some technical details related to your CPU in case you are interested. If you are interested though then you would do much better with the good old CPUZ as you get more info with that one. Overall not a bad little program but it struggles as there are already so many utilities to test CPU speed. This one is simple to use, gets it right and nice to look at! Price: Free Trial ($9.95)
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The software developer responded to this review on Aug 14, 2009: Many thanks for your praise of CPU Speed Professional. It is interesting to note the difference between the speed your CPU reports and the REAL speed of your CPU, as tested by CPU Speed Professional s speed algorithm. In your case, the CPU is only running 1 MHz less than reported. Some CPUs run much lower than their REPORTED figure, and others a little faster. If you submit your score to the worldwide database, you can see the differences between REPORTED speeds and REAL speeds, as measured ONLY by CPU Speed Professional. Thanks again for your feedback and for using our FREE program!

SmitFraudFix SmitFraudFix

Will save you when it is needed! 5 stars
If you do not have the virus this is for then that is great but, it is when you do get such things that you can struggle to have the right utility or anti virus program to combat it. I had to use this lately and it really worked so well. It removed all problems enabling my PC to work well once again! I highly recommend this as a download to keep somewhere..just in case! Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Feb 06, 2009: Many False Positive alerts from lots of Antivirus Products. The tool is clean but antivirus are still warning. I ve contacted them many times and it looks like they don t care...

Defraggler Defraggler

Does what it says and very well too! 5 stars
This is yet another great freeware from this company that brings us CCleaner already! I love the way it tells you how many fragments all of your files are in, with a graphical representation on screen where you can select a fragmented file and then watch as it is put back together into a contiguous file before your eyes. I recommend this program and love it! I wish there was also an option to rearrange the files so that they are at the start of the hard drive, leaving the empty space in one large area instead of all over the drive. Maybe it doesn't really make much difference though...who knows, there is so much conflicting information online. some sites claim that defragmentation is altogether not needed and has no effect on performnce these days with the systems we use. that was in an article on pc mag site or somewhere. I disagree!! If you DO think defragging is a worthwhile thing (IT IS!!) then you will want this fine utility! Price: Free
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Greenfish Painter Greenfish Painter

Difficult interface 2 stars
I liked the idea of this one but there are a few flaws that are obvious right away... the interface doesn't, in any way, jump out at you to assist you in your attempts to create. You really have to look into each part and work out what you are supposed to click or type to get the brush to have the effect you are wanting it to have. A lot of the time you are required to type in a numerical value to change the effect of the painting brush. for example: Hardness: 20 or something like that. this is not exactly rocket science but lets face facts, we are in the time of point n click and, in that context this program fails. As to the general effects and capabilities of the software, it is still behind other similar programs by quite a large margin but I feel it really has potential and is maybe one to watch in the near future. I hope the developer keeps going with this one and I will be downloading and testing every update! Price: Free
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Instant File Name Search Instant File Name Search

The best there is 5 stars
This program is the one for me after a long boring time installing and testing all of these desktop searching programs. All I wanted is a program that I can start and type a file name into, then hit search and find me the file. I don't want to search WITHIN every text pdf, rar, zip or DOC file. I don't want a program to be continually slowing me down by indexing the drives all day or whenever it feels like it (google desktop anyone? Copernic perhaps?) This program just does what I need. It is super-fast at indexing all my drives and I only need to do that every two days or so, no longer than a minute for over a terabyte. It is true there is no right click explorer menu when you have the list of found files. You can only click to open them and nothing else. but! You CAN go into the 'about' menu and then click to register for the slightly enhanced version which DOES have those features and is pretty cheap too. Price: Free
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