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EssentialPIM Free EssentialPIM Free

Very disappointed 2 stars
I was very pleased with this program until I needed support. I had a database problem that effected my contacts. I sent the database twice ( they said they didn't get it the first time )and then silence for almost 2 weeks. If they are working on my database that means I cant add anything to my copy of the database or when I install the " fixed " database it will wipe out all my additions. Now I'm a paying client so I feel I have the right to expect at the very least some communication. Price: Free
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UltraExplorer UltraExplorer

Wow I`m impressed 5 stars
I downloaded this program apparently when there was a bug in it that made it hard to use. 24 hours later the programmer issued a fix , now I can see what everyone is raving about. I think the top thing that I love about this program is the ability to customize it , to make it appear like my brain thinks. I like this program enough that I stopped using my paid for file explorer replacement. To the programmer, well done and thank you :) Price: Free
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Rising Firewall 2011 Rising Firewall 2011

Great program 5 stars
I was so pleased to find this program tonight. I had downloaded and installed almost every free and paid for firewall on the market. Some were ok , some were just down right horrid. I had to restore my PC 3 times because they were so bad . Rising was the last firewall on my list. Aside from whats already been said about the program. Its smart, meaning that its programmed with common files that need access to the net. I also ran the program through its paces at a number of basic and advanced scanning and probing services , all reports came back stealth. Lastly the price is far lower than most other programs , all in all I am very happy with my purchase. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Jarte Jarte

My favorite program 4 stars
I have used both the free and plus version of this program , I am also currently beta testing version 3. This program is not intended to be a huge office like program thats geared for the business world , its intended for the rest of the world. This program has served me through a major life crisis with one of my children who is disabled . I managed to navigate federal court and in the end win my child the services they were entitled to because of the stability and ease of use of this program. I have written thousands of letters and briefs on this program, if I only had access to a huge office like program with a huge learning curve I would have lost and been lost. The author is very quick to reply to any support requests and does his best to move the program in a good direction. If your looking for a program for the everyday use and user this is it. Price: Free
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