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ZoneAlarm Free ZoneAlarm Free

You'll always end up going back to this one. 5 stars
Experience shows when you use ZoneAlarm. You can tell the programmers know what they are doing. When you click remember it remembers. It doesn't ask you about the same program 40 times. The learning curve on this is about 30 minutes. Support is great, not that you'll need them often if at all. I don't understand the 4star rating. Price: Free
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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

Uninstall problems 2 stars
Comodo has various uninstall problems. If you enjoy searching and modifying the registry then whatever. Once you uninstall it still shows up as your firewall in Windows Security Center. Which can cause some problems. When you uninstall something, you want it gone right? So why did I uninstall it? Well when it asks you if you want to allow Firefox to connect to port 80 at 40 times in a row even when you click remember this program, that becomes a problem. Support is sub par. The program needs a lot of work before I'll give it a try again. It looks like it's trying to be zone alarm, which works great so I can see why they would want something so similar. I've been working with every version of Windows since 3.x, so yes I believe I know what I'm talking about. Price: Free
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