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Photo Backup LE Photo Backup LE

Slow 3 stars
I backed up 7 CDs successfully in several hours. The program suggested to make an index. This took overnight to do. The html+thumbnails produced were 2.2Gb ! The index was almost the size of the originals! The creation of an integrated collection of CDs was valuable, but the program is very slow . [there were ~30k filenames] Maybe if you have only a few pix this is ok, but for dealing with a lot of pictures this is not practical. The cd creation tool is quite good. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Jun 03, 2007: The index creation took a lot of time because the image preview was on. This means that for every photo, Photo Backup creates a smaller sized version and puts this on the index CD. To turn this feature off, click on Settings, Index and unselect the Create previews . The index generation will be about x10 faster. However, thumbnails in the index CD will not lead to photo previews. The size of the index CD will also reduce respectively. We ll add a question in the index generation to make this more obvious in future releases. Thanks for your comment.

Index Your Files Index Your Files

Index your files is fast 4 stars
Index Your Files is fast and convenient search tool. I prefer it to a full desktop search because it does not put a heavy load on my computer resources, can be left running in the tray, and has all the file display functions built into the program. Any found file can be acted on by my own standard tools installed on my left mouse button [context menu] . I have tons of html files stored in thousands of directories related to animals. I can sort them by name, time, folder, or wildcard , and view the txt, jpg,html, or many other types within a window in the "found" box. I do not have to index *every directory*, or *every word*. IYF lets me create search indexes only in the areas of interest, and then search more quickly in all indexes I have created, or only a single one. Multiple text or html files in directories can be easily found, and then edited , viewed or used directly from within the found files window. A million files in 3 seconds. Amazing! [registered user] Price: Free
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