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Ycopy Ycopy

What is does, it does perfect! 5 stars
I don't know why the main review gives it only 2 stars. Ycopy does 1 thing, that microsoft should have implemented long ago: it copies files without tripping on errors. If you're running Windows, you know how frustrating it is when Explorer errors out in the middle of a file transfer, and you have to start from scratch. This small tool ensures that the system files, index files and other stuff are not going to stop the copy process. The best thing about this tool: 1.Set it and forget it. Say "copy this!" and you can run to lunch, come back 2 hours later and everything is ok. 2. It lets you print a report of what files were not copied. 90% of the time they're not essential, such as thumbnails and index files. 3. It is FREE! - and it works great. Love the ycopy and i'm going to donate a couple of bucks to the developer, he saved me loads of frustration. Price: Free
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