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ISO Recorder ISO Recorder

Simplicity at it`s finest! 5 stars
This software, if I were to make a comparison is what Foxit pdf reader is to Acrobat! Right click the .ISO file and select this wonderful little utility to open with and you're off and running... it's that easy! I challenge the software developer to make it any easier! *tongue in cheek* I'm impressed, it's just sad that I had to trial some bloatware before I found this, but it was worth it and it's the only one I'm sticking with. For all the Vista users out there I am currently running this on Vista Ultimate and have not encountered any hiccups whatsoever! Thankyou Alex Feinman you have done a wonderful job!... Cheers Price: Free
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RoboForm2Go RoboForm2Go

Works well with Vista! 5 stars
I decided to give this little application a go because of the growing amount of passwords I need to remember just keeps growing. In one word WOW! This program is excellent. I was a bit dubious about traces of its use being left behind but after studying all of my cache and temp files no traces of my personal info or passwords remained on my pc after its use. I am very security conscious but after using RoboForm2Go I am completely satisfied that it does exactly what is stated. I feel very comfortable using it. A big thanks to the developer of this handy tool. Its a keeper. Price: Free
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Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus

Get it now! 5 stars
Take my word for it... you will not be disappointed! I've been using this program for years and still I think the rave reviews don't do it justice! What everybody says about the program is true and whats even better is with imagination this AV program will do exactly (no more, no less), what you need/want it to do. I set the screensaver on our home networked pcs' to Avast! It scans with no human intervention!, and even if interrupted would start again right where it left off! Now how's that for piece of mind! Installing Avast! will give you a boot time scan for viruses that already exist... detecting the malware and quarantining/deleting before it has a chance to load with other apps. The ability to scan ANY file or folder simply by right clicking and selecting option highlighted with the avast! "A" symbol. THANKYOU AVAST! Price: Free
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Memtest86 Memtest86

Memtest86+ 4 stars
I recently bought 2 new sticks of ram for a home pc that I wanted to run a test on. I tried unsuccessfully to use memtest86 as I was unable to burn iso image to disk. After researching I found another version, memtest86+, based on the original mtest86, and was able to use the guide to burn a bootable disk and run the program. I let it run for a couple of hours in which it stringently ran 10 different tests, gave diagnostics and thankfully found no errors with the ram. Price: Free
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CCleaner CCleaner

Simplicity and ease of use 5 stars
I have found ccleaner to perform all the cleaning duties without fail. I have used the options menu then settings to set it to run when pc starts up. Adds a little time to the start up process but saves me a lot of time in the long run. There are a few other handy options in the settings menu also. Price: Free
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