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DK Finder DK Finder

Just brilliant, thanks! 5 stars
Built its index really fast. Finds files really fast. Tidy well designed interface. Lots of setup options, allowing you to associate programs with file types for specific actions such as Edit, Execute and View for example. It only took me a few minutes to set up, run a few searches, see how good it was and immediately decide to put a copy on my other PC as well. It doesn't appear to search file contents but I don't really want that, and certainly not if that would make it a lot slower and eat a lot of processing power like some other desktop search programs I've tried in the past. Thanks again to the author. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Dec 20, 2009: Thank you very much - and well, sorry for not posting any new versions. I promise to return to Finder when I m finished with obligatory stuff. Don t ask anything beginning with `when`, `which year` or `why don t you just` :) Plenty of free alternatives are available, I must catch up with the trends and there is a lot to do with Finder anyway. I promise I won t give up Finder. No way.

PureText PureText

Simple, time-saving, effective and unobtrusive 5 stars
I've been using this on one PC for several weeks and have just put a copy onto my other PC. I use MS Word, Excel and Outlook and do a lot of copy and paste. I used to waste so much time trying to remove unwanted formatting. Now I have PureText run at start-up so whenever I want to paste plain text I use Win-V instead of Ctrl-V - so simple! (and I love the 'chink' sound it makes when you use it). Price: Free
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