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Great software - with minor issues 3 stars
I installed ver 0.33 and was immediately thrilled to see that some changes was made to the user interface that I liked. I imported my 158 movies that I had exported from the previous version and was immediately disappointed when the the final movie was imported and this error message emerged: An invalid argument encountered. I tried to import only the movie title, but still the error came. I thought I was alright when I saw all my movies in the main window, but when I closed the database the error came again and the program closed. When I reopened the program it produced a message that my data was corrupt and that the program would attempt to correct it. After it finished all my data was gone. I would greatly appreciate a backup solution that worked. And please include the IMDB number since it greatly reduces the time spent on reconstructing the data. OTHERWISE super program the best there is in fact, so I can live with a lot Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Sep 15, 2006: you can just install any version over a previous version and all your movies will be there. Exporting is not a backup, only a subset of the data is saved to be openened by other applications. In fact after every change a REAL backup is made : the database emdb.dat is copied to emdb.001, the previous 001 is renamed to 002 etc. Next time you have a problem or questions mail me because I can not visit every single download site EMDB is hosted on.

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