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EagleGet EagleGet

Just what I needed 5 stars
My preferred download manager was DAP until version 10. Then it got me disappointed simply because it crashes a lot... After my nightmare with DAP, I have used many download managers just looking for "the perfect replacement". I think EagleGet is the one. EagleGet is beautiful, have a simple modern interface, it does not change your home page or search providers, it does not install a toolbar, the installer never crashes or gets in an annoying loop, the program does not crashes for any insignificant reason, it is stable, it does not slow down my system and it looks promising, and the best of all "IT IS REALLY FREE". It has and does almost anything that DAP does, at least the most significant features. I have not used their tech support yet, so I have not idea how nice it could be. Version is the first version that I use and I have not being in the need to remove it because it does not disappoint. Is supports all my browsers. It works nicely with Windows 8.1 Pro 64. Give it a try. Price: Free
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ModernMix ModernMix

Very nice app 5 stars
If you want to have the best of both worlds, this little app is for you. Just go ahead an download it. Very nice features, but it need some fine tuning, after all it is still a beta. Price: Free Trial ($4.99)
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Dont Sleep Dont Sleep

Nice trick for my system! 5 stars
I always use an aggressive power scheme for all my systems but I still use the screen saver and set the monitor off at a specific interval... but there are times when I don't want the screen saver to run or the monitor to be turned off, and I don't want to change the power scheme or go trough the problem of changing or disabling the screen saver. Some times the system going standby is just a headache. There are other times when I don't want anyone to log me off. This little tool does the trick fast and with just a minimal intervention or configuration. Also, it can be easily activated and deactivated without loading and unloading it every time, and yes, it runs from any USB drive. It is fast, convenient and just take a small amount of RAM and a negligible CPU time. I love when some little app teaches my system new tricks... Price: Free
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Autoplay Repair Autoplay Repair

Very nice! 5 stars
Although some of this functionality can be found on the Tweak UI Powertoy for Windows XP, this little app is the best working with autoplay handlers. It has a very easy interface with enough eye candy. Low on system resources and fast. Price: Free
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Mail PassView Mail PassView

Very nice! 5 stars
Small, low system resources, fast, works with Outlook 2007 and it's free! It is very nice whenever I need to do a backup of may POP3 accounts so I don't have to be searching for configuration info on different files. It is now a tool to use with my customers too. I would like to see SMTP server info retrieval too and some other configuration info, for example for Gmail accounts that needs other special specs. Price: Free
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Sandboxie Sandboxie

Nice 4 stars
This is a very nice piece of software but there seems to be a memory leak somewhere and system resources decrease greatly with time. I recommend restarting the system after using it. Price: Free
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Free Registry Defrag Free Registry Defrag

Interface can improve 4 stars
This is a little nice utility. I have used it for some time with several versions of Windows. So far, Windows 98 and Me became a nightmare and in some cases the HD must be reformatted; talking about Windows 2000 and Windows XP is another story and it works pretty nice. For best results use it monthly and clean the registry with CCleaner (or similar) first. I almost forgot the interface; well it has a lot of orthographic mistakes that must be fixed; otherwise a good utility makes it author looks not so good! Price: Free
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Desktask Desktask

Nice! 5 stars
It is a very useful small app that uses very little system resources. If you use Outlook as your PIM, then grab this... Also, if you have a Windows CE or Windows Mobile based device, this is a must have. No need to use other PIMs just to remember your appointments and tasks. It frees up system recourses because Outlook does not need to be running all the time; better yet, you do not need to place Outlook on your startup. When the PC starts it imports the date from Outlook and keeps it current communicating directly with your PIM by opening it for very short times. Two cons: 1- If you install VTP (Vista Transformation Pack) after this little tool is running, it just disappears form the screen (solution: uninstall and reinstall it), 2- It is a little difficult to move the clear window at he beginning especially with icons over the desktop (its startup position -the first time it loads- should be the center of the screen and not the upper left corner). Price: Free
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Very nice little tool! 5 stars
I have been using this little tool for a very long time (and many others like it) and I must say it: it's great; simply the best! It could be run from any removable media (not floppy) and gives you a lot of extensive information about a system. Every serious technician should use it in conjunction with other tools (software and hardware) and utilities. It is a must have if you want complete and detailed information about any system, hassle free and fast. A con: It could be a little faster loading and closing. Price: Free Trial ($39.99)
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WinPatrol (Free Edition) WinPatrol (Free Edition)

Very nice, but it can be improved 4 stars
I have being using this for a a while now. It does not consumes lots of system resources, it is very stable and informative. Real-time notifications are too slow. I have it installed on my system because it's informative value and for process control. Nice if you are not a freak of security in your system, but if you are looking for a real-time fast notification and clean up utility this is nor for you. Price: Free
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