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Auslogics Disk Defrag Auslogics Disk Defrag

Simple an working 5 stars
This is a nice app indeed completed my 75GB partition with 700k files in about 2 hours. I've been long waiting for a simple and efficient defragmenter. Last time I used a competitory product on a partition half that size it took more than 4 days (100+ hours) you make the calc. I give it a high rating for features just because of speed, no fancy features here. Bottomline: It works and that's all I need. Price: Free
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NetSetMan NetSetMan

Priceless for my laptop 5 stars
I'm very glad I've found this app. Needed one like it for years and I've tried several that just didn't work. Well this one does work. You get lots of options, almost everything you can think of. Now I can switch networks on my laptop almost instantaneous. The interface is not very intuitive (for example renaming a configuration is a bit tricky to find) but I was surprised to find so many features, good work. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Sep 08, 2006: Thank you for the nice words. I m always open-minded for new ideas and improvements concerning the user interface. One of the goals is to keep it tiny and clean. To rename a profile you can doubleclick its name or rightclick and chose "rename". I can t imagine an easier or more intuitive way to do that. :)

Dexpot Dexpot

Probably the best desktop manager 5 stars
A very well thought application. Works pretty fast and looks very good. If you need to have several desktop workplaces on your windows this is the solution. What I like most of this app is that is very configurable, you can have global keyboard shortcuts to switch between desktops and you can specify what appears where. The only things it lacks is a deskband to switch the desktops from the taskbar and minipreview of the desktops (I've seen these two in other programs so it's doable). Price: Free
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KeyWallet KeyWallet

The easiest in it's class 4 stars
This program is targeted at the tech savvy users. It looks good and is very easy to use. Features are pretty much the standard ones except the drag and fill feature which allows you to fill the whole form in your browser by dragging the key over it. That's nice indeed. I'm glad that they made it a freeware app. The big drawback is that you can't use it on a USB stick. Price: Free
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Free Launch Bar Free Launch Bar

A pretty good lite edition 5 stars
This is essentially a stripped down version of the commercial product. There are three features that I find useful in here: large icons in toolbar, folders in the root of the toolbar and in shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts to the shortcuts themselves. These are useful productivity enhancements many people would like. The thing I don't like about True/Free Launch bar is that it's somewhat heavy and has quite a lot of fancy stuff which bring too little value for me (productivity remember). Still this is a good piece of software and I recommend it to all. If you like the fancy part of it go for the commercial version. Price: Free
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SysInfoMyWork SysInfoMyWork

A nice little prog 5 stars
This small tool has the capability of defragmenting your memory on demand. It's nice to have a small tool to free memory and not one that fills it up in the first place. Editors should note that too. Price: Free
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