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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

Was complicated - getting much easier now. 4 stars
This firewall and I got off to a rough start. For the past 3 months (give or take) I have been trying to master this firewall by making my own custom rules for it, and when it wouldn't work, I would uninstall it. Well, I kept reinstalling because I know a good firewall when I see one, and eventually I got the hang of creating personalized rules for it, thanks to members of the comodo forum. Anyways, I have it set up the way I want it to be, and I have to say that now I am pleased with this firewall, and even more so now that it is taylored for my surfing habits. This firewall really is an exceptional firewall, and it has more features than any other firewall I have ever tried. True, it has a huge learning curve, when it comes to creating custom rules, but patience and a little help from the good people at Comodo, that learning curve just gets smaller and smaller. Try it out for yourself, it works great right out off the box, and it's very secure too. Price: Free
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Telescope Telescope

Works great, even better if customized! 4 stars
Ever since the meta browser known as Bullseye went out, I have been unhappy with all other meta search programs, until Telescope came along. Telescope is a light weight search tool to search the web using several search engines at once and displays the results in one window. It's fast, powerful, with relevant results, and easy to use too. For the advanced users, being able to edit the search.ini file to make your own site searches, search engines, and categories, makes Telescope my favorite search tool. The customizing of search engines will allow you to create up to 255 search engines to suit your own needs. A big Thanks goes out to the makers of Telescope. Price: Free
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Disk Cleaner Disk Cleaner

Must have! 5 stars
I have been using this program for a few years and use it at least 10 times a day. It is a quick cleaner as well. I totally recommend it, because I think it works very well. *Important* There is an autorun feature that cleans at startup, you must try to remember to not to use this feature, while you are installing programs that require a restart, because the program may try to access temp files already deleted by Disk Cleaner, resulting in a faulty install. Second note: I think Disk Cleaner tries to delete files securely, but I find that most image files are partially viewable (they're only damaged), when I try to recover them. Most other files that I recovered, can't be run or viewed. So that's good. Maybe it just needs a few improvements in that area. On the other hand, it is a fast and lightweight cleaner that hasn't ever harmed my systems such as WinME, and WinXP(all). Gets rid of a lot of junk hiding on your system too. Thanks to the Author of this program! Price: Free
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RegSeeker RegSeeker

It's the best one of it's kind 5 stars
Overall I like this registry cleaner alot, and the only difficult part is managing the exclusions list. Not only does RegSeeker automatically clean the registry well, but you can go back and search for registry keys that you think might have been left behind by uninstalling other applications. The system tweaks are a nice feature too. Also, on my system, I never had to restore a backup due to missing registry entries required by other programs, which means it's doing a good job at finding obsolete registry entries. Thanks to the author of this fine registry cleaner. Price: Free
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CDBurnerXP CDBurnerXP

Used to be perfect but ... 4 stars
I have used this program sucessfully for quite some time. Recently I decided to delete a file off one of the many many data cds I made with it, and for some unknown reason, it converted all of my files to short filenames and changed one of the extensions I use. This never happened before and I have sucessfully deleted plenty of files of numerous cds in the past using the same program. I asked for advice in their forum nearly a week ago, and they never answered. If Snapfiles had a rating for Product Support, I would have to give it a zero. CDBurnerXP Pro was a flawless program for me until the day it messed up my cd, and the fact that I'm not getting support changes my impression of the software. So right now my rating isn't as good as I would have given it a week ago. It's a good program, but back up your cds first. Price: Free
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SUPERAntiSpyware Free SUPERAntiSpyware Free

Give this a try. 4 stars
I'm already protected from spyware in most cases but I am going to keep SUPERAntiSpyware to help get rid of those stubborn spywares that are hard to remove. The other day, I knowingly downloaded spyware to see how well Spybot and Ad-aware could remove it. To my surprise, they both weren't able to completely remove it, and I had to run a complete scan using A-Squared to finally get rid of it entirely. That is why I am looking for alternatives. SuperAntiSpware is easy to use, and can remove more than just spyware, and I don't mind lengthy thorough scans if it will get the job done. Thanks to the author of this program. Price: Free
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Very nice! 5 stars
I have been using IZarc for about a year, and I think it is the best freeware archiver. One thing though, It sometimes can not zip up certain exe files, maybe it doesn't recognize them. All in all, I think this program is great, and everyone should give it a try. I always test my compressed files after compressing them with Izarc, and it hasn't ever corrupted a zip file. I get far more use out of Izarc then I ever have with Winrar. Thanks for a great utility. Price: Free
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