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ClearContext ClearContext

Free version available and gets the job done 4 stars
I've been using the free version for 6 months and see no reason to upgrade to the paid version. CC helps me quickly file email, calendar and tasks into my folders, frequently with just one click. I like that it automatically tags messages from important contacts in my Inbox using categories, which makes important stuff stand out. Price: Free Trial ($89.95)
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RoboForm RoboForm

Excellent for saving lots of info 5 stars
I've used RoboForm for about 4 years now and have almost 600 passwords stored in it and it's never failed me. I also bought the Palm version so I can carry my passwords with me everywhere my Palm goes. My wife uses it to log into our bank accounts and other sites she uses and she loves it too. Great for keeping other notes securely that you need to keep track of, like passwords for the corporate database, insurance account numbers, credit card numbers. So if my wallet was stolen on a business trip where I have my Palm, I know my account numbers that I need to cancel. Great tool. Price: Free Trial ($9.95)
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Microsoft GroupShot Microsoft GroupShot

Does what they say, but slow saving changes 4 stars
It's dead-easy to use once you read the mini-help and it does a pretty good job combining multiple shots of the same group into one good one. But when I gave it a complex photo with lots of details and wanted to replace a shot where one person moved, it didn't stitch it together exactly right, so left a jagged edge. It only did that in one of the merges, the others looked perfect. But just as bad, when you save it defaults to saving a low-resolution version. It takes a LONG time to save a high-res version - like 5 minutes on my 2GHz PC w/ 512Mb of memory to blend from 2 originals that were 2.25Mb each. In that amount of time I could have used Photoshop Elements to fix the photos by hand. Yes, this was easier but who wants to wait that long? It's still free though! Price: Free
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