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Restoration Restoration

Lifesaver 5 stars
I lost all the pics on my camera's memory card. With this program, I got all of them back. Warning: As with any recovery program, do NOT write to the source that you want to recover from prior to recovery. I.E. don't take more pictures after formatting you camera's memory card if you want to recover those images. Price: Free
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Firefox Showcase Firefox Showcase

Bringing the best of IE to your FF 5 stars
Internet Explorer 7 has a feature where you can view all open tabs as thumbnails. This is the equivalent for Firefox, only it's better, naturally. This can thumbnail tabs in multiple windows, display on the sidebar, and even go back and forward within previews. Very cool, and helpful. Price: Free
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Clean, clear, all-in-one 5 stars
This program does it all- it basically fixes your PC for you. It not only lets you change startup programs and uninstall the impossible, but it provides up-to-date information on what various applications do. Plus it can clean the registry, hard drive, and more, and it never causes any problems. This is a keeper! Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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TweakUI TweakUI

A good microsoft app??? 4 stars
Yes, it's true! This can do all kinds of things you've been dying to do in can modify all sorts of settings, turn off annoying reminders; you just wonder why MS didn't include such options built into XP to begin with. Price: Free
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Picasa Picasa

Perfection 5 stars
This is the all-in-one photo organizer/editor/importer/exporter/emailer, etc, etc, etc... Doesn't have all the editing features of Photoshop, but is an excellent organizing and searching system for your many photos. It also has a simple interface and is great at all kinds of odd jobs, like fitting multiple pictures one one page to print, or making wallet sizes, etc, etc Price: Free
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Lingoes Translator Lingoes Translator

Smooth, clean, useful 4 stars
It translates, defines, and more! Lingoes is a very useful program to have around, especially if you use multiple languages. It would be nice to see more definitions in the libraries, but they cover a good portion of many languages. Price: Free
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Magic Boss Key Magic Boss Key

Not bad 3 stars
While WinKey + D will minimize all windows, this program goes so far as to hide the taskbar icons; very clever. Useful for quick hides. Just be careful: whoever you are hiding the programs from may wonder why you are on the computer with no active windows. Price: Free
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IE Tab for Firefox IE Tab for Firefox

Eliminates the need for ie at all 5 stars
Just press the button. The page reloads in IE viewing capability...allowing you to see Microsoft content. Log in to Microsoft services, etc with this great app. Set sites to open in IE, and you won't even know you're browsing in different view. Now you can be all Firefox, and you have no excuse to use IE, which has less holes than before...and more holes than any other program ever. (sort of...) Price: Free
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Clean, simple. elegant. 4 stars
That's just it: It works, its small, it's simple. Add categories and URLs to take with you wherever. Stand alone program! Price: Free
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Squeaky Clean Squeaky Clean

It's ok 2 stars
The program is just OK. Not something I'd keep lying around. But that name is great. Squeaky the phrase AND like mouse...mice are squeaky, and you use it to clean them...nice. But again, don't bother downloading unless you happen to need this. Need to clean your mouse? Turn you PC off, or lock it (Windows Key + L). Price: Free
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Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

Download it 5 stars
Stop reading these reviews. They all say it rules. Download it. It's maybe the only program around that's FREE, WORKS, and its very TRUSTWORTHY. It won't mess up your PC like other poorly-programmed wanna-be's. Price: Free
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FastStone Capture FastStone Capture

Small, fast, perfected. 5 stars
It's small. Click a quick link, and it's up and ready. It takes up almost no space on the screen. It's fast. Click and shoot. You have what the image you need, exported the way you need it. And it's perfect. It comes will all the best features, like selecting sections of a screen or the whole article (even the part that is below the view of the window). It's awesome! Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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Audacity Audacity

Best damn program ever 5 stars
This program lets you cut and paste segments, record multiple layers of tracks while hearing the once you are mixing with, record from your mike, speakers, or a cd, and it has unlimited recording time, unlimited undoing, and it can even record while other audio devices are in use!!! Price: Free
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