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Portable Start Menu Portable Start Menu

The interface is a bit awkward 4 stars
Nice app, and pretty easy to use. The interface would be much better if there was a possibility to resize the Options window. With many apps in several folders it can be laborious to move an app from one folder to another. The window only holds 20 lines and there is no auto scrolling. No real drag-n-drop... If you care for small files on your USB stick, you should consider Pstart as an alternative. Both apps use an XML file to build the menu, but for each app PSMenu uses 1548 characters to describe the icon. With 11 apps in the menu, the XML file for PSMenu is exactly as big as the XML file for Pstart with 180 apps in the menu! Price: Free
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Secunia PSI Secunia PSI

Use it with caution! 3 stars
Updating la Secunia can make a muddle of your software: A really big share of my applications are portable. Secunia finds those application and judges them as outdated. If I then try the solution Secunia proposes, and update my applications, my portable versions would be replaced with installed versions! Price: Free
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GreatNews GreatNews

Easy to use and portable 5 stars
I really don't know much about feed readers, so I like GreatNews: It automatically does whatever needs to be done, without demanding my interference. GreatNews is portable - no installation whatsoever - so I can carry the reader with me on an USB stick, plug it into any connected computer I happen to run across and read my newspapers. The fact that GreatNews is multi-language with support even for my little "mother tongue" Swedish adds to it's virtues. Nice! Price: Free
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FastStone Image Viewer FastStone Image Viewer

A portable version is provided 5 stars
This viewer is so very good - I regard it as indispensable. The inbuilt file renamer is a gem. There is a portable version too, downloadable from FastStone Soft. Price: Free
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APO USB Autorun APO USB Autorun

Nice, but a security risk 4 stars
The possibility to autostart an autorun.inf from the USB device is very convenient. That simple fact leads many to use APO USB Autorun regardless, or even totally unaware, of the very obvious risks. USB Autorun starts the autorun.inf, even if you block all autostarts from USB devices in the registry and/or press the Shift key when plugging in the USB device. I do like APO USB Autorun, but as it is a security risk I normally don't have it running on my computer. My son wrote a little application and put it on an USB stick, together with an autorun.inf. With USB Autorun running he plugged the stick into my computer, and it copied my WAB file to the USB stick. If you are aware of the risks, APO USB Autorun is a very nice tool. But don't allow it to autostart and don't have it running in the background, especially not when you leave your computer unattended! Price: Free
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MobaPhoto MobaPhoto

New version 1.38 gives full portability 4 stars
Version 1.36 writes to the registry and can't be regarded as really portable. You get 7 keys in the registry and the program parameters will also be stored in the registry. But there is a new version 1.38, that doesn`t write anything to the registry. Just download the ZIP file and unpack it to any folder. Then run the file MobaPhoto.exe. Price: Free
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HFS - HTTP File Server HFS - HTTP File Server

Fast and easy to use 5 stars
A very easy and safe method when moving files between our computers at home - faster even than our fastest memory stick, and safer than Windows own folder sharing. Price: Free
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WinPatrol (Free Edition) WinPatrol (Free Edition)

A must 5 stars
We have six computers running in the family, and we work with computer support. When reinstalling Windows - or making a fresh installation - the procedure is always the same: 1. OS, 2. antivirus/firewall, and 3. WinPatrol. This software is indispensable, but I do recommend an upgrade to the PLUS version. Price: Free
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