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TrueCrypt TrueCrypt

Works beautifully 5 stars
Very smooth operation, and the it's actually very easy to use. The interface and options may take some time to figure out for a beginner, but anyone with a decent amount of computer experience will be able to work out what to do without any need for the extensive documentation. I had everything up and running perfectly in less than 5 minutes. Considering this is free, it's certainly the best software of its type I've seen. Price: Free
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DSynchronize DSynchronize

Finally! 5 stars
I've been looking for a program like this for literally years! It's simple, it's easy to setup and use, it doesn't mess around with registries or installers, and - most importantly - it does exactly what I need it to do. A program that quickly and reliably gives me an exact duplicate/backup of my entire data drive! Easy and sensible handling of filters, file deletions, and folders. I've tried countless more complicated or supposedly "easy" file synchro utils, and none of them would just do the one simple thing I wanted without a bunch of fuss and tweaking. With this program, I just clicked a few boxes, selected my drives, and it actually just WORKED! I almost couldn't believe it, so I tried some more tests, and it STILL worked. And it has a few more cool-sounding options that I can explore later. Definitely a very high recommendation! Price: Free
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