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MultiMon Taskbar MultiMon Taskbar

Not perfect, but still indisposable 5 stars
There are some features you would want an app like this to have, which it doesn't (as of version 2.1). It doesn't pick up the Windows XP visual style for the secondary task bar; nor does it provide a way to turn off adding the arrow button beside the titlebar min/max/close button cluster. Having said all that, this app just makes perfect sense. Functionally, it integrates very well with multi-monitor systems. Even though the website says both monitors must have the same resolution, my displays are as different as night and day (primary at 1680x1050 16:9, secondary at 1280x1024 4:3); but the app still works well. With the horizontal real estate dual monitors provides, it seems illogical to try to cram all the taskbar icons into a single display. MultiMon Taskbar provides the functionality that Microsoft should have. Price: Free
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Gimp Gimp

The gimp has layers, onions have layers! 5 stars
Ya know, there are like 800,000 free image editors. Most image viewers have image editing features, like cropping, rotation, sharpness, gamma, etc. The GIMP blows all those out of the water. Layers, transparency, dodge / burn, clone tool, customizable brushes, select-by-color -- the price of this program severely belies its functionality. Use IrfanView or cPicture for minor modifications like brightening, cropping, etc. However, if you are interested in "photochopping," the GIMP has just about all of the functionality of Adobe Photoshop. Don't get discouraged by the learning curve. After all, like Photoshop, I bet most people who use the GIMP regularly only use around 25% of its features. Price: Free
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