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Papel Papel

A combined mind mapper and writing editor. 5 stars
I've tried several of these 'writer's software' apps and this one is the most creativity-focused of them all. It is stunningly easy to use and lets you get on with the task of writing straight away. The main feature of this app. is that it allows you to view each 'file' as an icon (editable and selectable) in a project workspace. Icons may be moved around like pieces of paper on a desk, linked, grouped and annotated forming a savable graphical mind-map of the whole project. The editor is intentionally basic, but provides an excellent dictionary/thesaurus and search. Files can be merged, in selectable order to form a compilation and printout. The program allows user definable themes, which refer to icons images, annotations and layouts. I wrote to the developer with a suggestion and had a helpful response within 30 minutes. This an unique creativity machine with excellent features. Price: Free
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Folder View Folder View

Good idea, but slowed my machine. 2 stars
As soon as I installed this utility, I noticed a 2,3 second drag in opening any folder on the machine. For a 4200 dual core processor and 2mb ram, this was unacceptable. It's added features were outweighed by its poor performance hit. Sorry, can't recommend it. Price: Free
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SlickRun SlickRun

Great productive utility that's easy to learn 5 stars
SlickRun became my firm favorite after many trials of other program launchers. A tiny input window allows you to effectively and rapidly accesses any file, folder, application or website that you want using your own keywords. Intelligent history function auto-completes all inputs for rapid launching. I like the extras such as available system memory readout, instant built-in saveable notes jotter and configurable date display. It's easy to setup, as it supports drag 'n drop of almost any object on your computer; autofills search queries for Google , yahoo etc. launching browser and results all in one and allows other programmable parameters for local application inputs. Give yourself a week learning with SlickRun and you can clear your desktop of most of the icon garbage and work more efficiently. Good support network via forum, active development and excellent help file. Small memory usage and system requirements . This is the one to have! Price: Free
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Remlap KnowledgeBASE Remlap KnowledgeBASE

Excellent for information research/ retrieval 5 stars
Having trialed and discarded several information management applications I came across KnowledgeBASE. Its interface is intuitive and uncluttered and allows easy access to all options. This is an excellent application that avoids a steep learning curve and setup. It achieves this by giving a focused feature set for information gathering, display and cataloging. The author has grasped the importance of simplicity while integrating many powerful features not found elsewhere. Within a few minutes I was able to create a 'knowledgebase' and populate it with texts, images, links, files, zip folders and many other objects on my PC. This is a great way to compile information or group files by subject rather than by application. The keyword tagging feature is superb, allowing simple or complex filtering and information retrieval. The developer is actively supporting his software and replied to a query within minutes. There is also a new version due with more features and options. Price: Free
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