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ZoneAlarm Free ZoneAlarm Free

As safe as you feel 3 stars
ZoneAlarm (Free version) is pretty much a piece of "Personal Firewall for Dummy" or "I feel safe even I know nothing about network" software, It's easy to use for beginners, and for most average users it does its job well. However, for advanced users, it's simply not as good as Sygate or Comodo. Of you really want to use ZoneAlarm, get the Pro version (not free). Price: Free
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FTP Wanderer FTP Wanderer

Good basic portable ftp client 3 stars
It has clean interface, very user friendly, and you can do almost all file transfers using drag'n'drop (just like what you do in Windows explorer). It saves all user sites in an XML file in local directory, so you can put it on your USB keydrive and simply run it on any Windows system whenever you want. However, I won't recommend this as your serious FTP client on your Desktop system because it misses some important features that modern FTP client should have, such as FXP, SSL/TLS ftp support, XMD5/XCRC integrity checking, etc.. Its queue management is also very limited. Price: Free
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ProVide Server ProVide Server

Best free ftp server 5 stars
I tried many ftp servers and this is the best. No connection limit (unlike some other "freeware" that only allows 5 connections for free version), support virtual directory (very good design!), global or per-use upload/download speed limit, IP range, SSL/TLS support, XCRC/XMD5 support (no other freeware I know support this), very easy to use with rich features. The author also provides excellent tech support via his forum. Price: Free
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