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Diskeeper Pro Diskeeper Pro

Tech support policy - don't bother us!! 2 stars
I have used Diskeeper (Executive Software) from the very beginning and use to be their number one cheerleader. When they started charging for a maintenance agreement that was the beginning of the end to their tech support! I am now running Diskeeper Pro Premier and paying $25.90 + 12 months of Pro maintenance I could not get credit for. Every time an upgraded program needs a restart I have to reboot 2-5 times before Diskeeper will run. If you call Diskeeper Tech support you eventually get a recorded message that they no longer take calls from Home or Small Business users and are directed to use there on line form where they will respond within 48 hrs. You sign in or create an account and fill out a very detailed form about your system and problem, submit it and absolutely nothing ever comes from it!I understand from other users the main purpose of their current "UPDATES" is to allow Diskeeper to call home more often. Price: Free Trial ($59.95)
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Spy Sweeper Spy Sweeper

Does all it says it will 5 stars
Spy Sweeper keeps your computer clean and finds what others miss with frequent updates and clear messages. Their tech support (on the rare occasion you need them) can be reached either through email or phone at no charge and what is really impressive is they are based in the USA and speak not only English, but North American! The only downside, which is not of their making, is if you currently have a popular encryption program installed the normally 1/2 hour scheduled scans can take over 6 hours. This has been reported to the offender and supposedly a fix is in the works. Without reservation I recommend Spy Sweeper to everyone whose computer I work on. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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