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Everything Everything

Phenomenal! 5 stars
A considerable amount of time has elapsed since I have left any feedback for any program on this SnapFiles(WebAttack) site. However, I determined to make an exception in this instance with 'Everything'. I had a not dissimilar program installed on my Windows 10 PC and for a few years. For reasons I could not fathom or ascertain, it stopped indexing after a certain percentage had been completed and there is, presently, no reply from Technical Support, from the Developer. I am, specifically not naming the former program because I had no issue with its reliability until recently. Anyway back to Everything. This program really is phenomenal and quite exceptional. For someone who considers themselves a 'Software Geek' Everything certainly impressed, right from the download and install, through to the initial search! Cataloguing and Indexing was remarkably fast. Finding Everything or under the different categories of Everything, Audio, Compressed, Document, Executable, Folder, Picture or Video is incredibly fast. As the Search Term is typed, the results are loaded! The program is versatile and flexible to meet with the needs of the User. Settings are comprehensive and should meet with the majority of the Users needs and expectations. The User Interface, while it might be deemed minimal is efficient and reliable. The mind that put this program together cannot be far short of genius and I am indebted to them. Only wish I could make a worthy contribution in support of development Price: Free
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KeePass Password Safe KeePass Password Safe

Slick software program superb security 5 stars
With the introduction and 'roll-out' of an entirely new MS Operating System with Windows 10, although perfectly satisfied with my current Password Manager, I felt it time to change to one that had been updated more recently. I selected a couple from the 'Freeware' range and installed KeePass Password Safe. Suffice it to say, I do not think the other program will even get a look in now. KeePass installed without issue or error and integrates well with Windows 10. I found it to be intuitive to use. I consider this to be an extremely slick program while, also, being remarkably complex. Yes, it takes a wee while to 'find your way around', so to speak but did not find it difficult to comprehend or use. In all honesty, I doubt I shall utilize the full complexity of the program but it is, nevertheless, reassuring that there is plenty of scope and more options contained within this program, should I choose to initiate their use. This review would not be complete, if I failed to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of its developer Dominik Reichl. To offer this highly commendable KeePass Password Safe program as 'Freeware' is incredibly generous. There is an option to donate and although my personal circumstances preclude such a gesture, at this point in time, I would certainly hope to do this justice in the not too distant future. I have no hesitation in recommending this program especially, when compared to other programs in its category, as it continues to be developed. Price: Free
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Clipboard Master Clipboard Master

A complete & utter disaster 'dahling' 1 stars
Having looked for a clipboard toolmanager, in spite of the reviews (more fool me) I decided to 'chance' it and to see for myself, as Clipboard Master appeared to show much promise. Indeed, it promised much and delivered so very little and in the event, proved hugely disruptive in the process. Crashing, even during installation, the signals should have been there loud and clear! Once, eventually, installed it persistently crashed from the Tray Notify area, in addition to playing havoc with the Windows 7 Operating System, itself, and made an, otherwise, (prior to installation) perfectly functioning mouse, extremely 'dodgy' in its operation! Without hesitation, as soon as the operating system permitted me to, I uninstalled, Clipboard Master, in due haste, vowing never to pollute my PC with such an abysmal program ever again! Once uninstalled, I realized, much to my consternation, it had completely 'messed-up' 7 Sticky Notes (a highly commendable and otherwise completely stable program installed, incidentally, on my PC of very long-standing, now) finding CM had removed library key values and I had to reinstall 7 Sticky Notes. I would go so far as to say, an inexperienced PC user could really end up in dire straits, through no fault of their own. Lesson learned - as a highly competent reviewer, I should have paid keen attention to what GimpGuy had clearly stated. I would emphasize this caution - PLEASE BE ADEQUATELY WARNED DO NOT TOUCH CLIPBOARD MASTER WITH A BARGE POLE! Price: Free
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Task List Guru Task List Guru

An all round winner 5 stars
Once I had downloaded and installed this Task Manager, it was apparent this would very quickly put the others into the shade. The ease of use of Task List Guru is simplicity itself. A really nice GUI and very intuitive. With the additional capacity to download to a USB flash drive this is a real bonus. Make no mistake although a most welcome 'freebie' this is a very polished and professional program, that is flexible, adaptable and sufficiently customisable to meet with the needs of the general PC home user. I am always most grateful to the software developer who produces a 'professional' program and still offers a 'lite' version as freeware to the home user, a very generous gesture. Although I have used the term 'lite' by way of comparison, make no mistake this a comprehensive program that is a most useful and welcome utility that is easy on the eye, while being a delight and a pleasure to use. I conclude by expressing my sincere gratitude to Dextronet for making this program available to the Home User as freeware. Price: Free
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iProtectYou iProtectYou

Excellent software 5 stars
Have purchased this software [v8.5.1] prior to the trial expiry, in view of just how effective it is. iProtect You is an extremely, comprehensive, user friendly program, with a nice interface. More importantly it does what it says and blocks unwanted material preventing children accessing the more negative aspects of the Internet in terms of XXX material and other undesirable information. Sufficient flexibility is available within the program to create logs/charts to effectively monitor activity on a PC for any number of Users. Have to give credit where credit is due and believe this is the best offer out there in terms of value. Should parents have to pay an annual subscription to protect their children? This is a strictly 'one-off' payment. Thank you 'Soft For You' for developing this excellent product. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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Lingoes Translator Lingoes Translator

Superb translation product 5 stars
Lingoes is an amazing product and simply a joy to use for translation purposes. The GUI knocks its nearest competitor [mentioned elsewhere in these reviews] into a 'cocked hat'! This is one of those products that you get a 'kick' out of every time you load it up to use it and one of those rare exceptions that you just cannot find fault with. In addition to the translation services there are Currency, Weights and Measures, International Time Zone Converters, in addition to International Dialing Codes and a Periodic Table of Elements! This is a well thought through program with extensive features and the true bonus being it is all absolutely free! You can choose to make a donation and would certainly hope to be doing this in the not too distant future - It is certainly well-deserved. This review would not be complete if I did not express my sincere gratitude to the developers for the time and effort dedicated to providing such a worthwhile and useful product. Price: Free
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Privacy Eraser Pro Privacy Eraser Pro

Top notch internet cleanup tool 5 stars
Recently invested in Privacy Eraser Pro v6.0 and consider this a very pleasing and satisfying decision. Have similar utilities installed on my PC that would be considered 'leaders in their field' but are, quite frankly, inadequate and disappointing when compared to PE Pro - The results speak for themselves. PE Pro has a comprehensive selection of areas of the PC to be cleaned, including 'Free Space' which is sometimes absent from other similar products and an extensive range of 'plug-ins'. Selection for cleaning is easy, even for the novice. True, the GUI of PE Pro may not be the most attractive but who is interested in 'eye candy' when it is the results that count. I am surprised there are so few reviews for this excellent and highly commendable product that is feature rich with an erasing process that is well and truly secure. I have no hesitation in recommending this product if secure erasing and privacy is what you require for your PC. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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Mailmoa Mailmoa

A little gem! 5 stars
I Recently installed Mailmoa v4.0 onto my PC and it is proving to be a very satisfactory utitility in combatting the ever intrusive spam E-mails. Mailmoa is extremely easy to set-up, no complex configuring before it can even be used. Input account details and away-ya go! Mailmoa can be set to check E-mails at regular intervals and in my experience, integrates well with the 'inhouse' E-mail client. True, Mailmoa is not as complex as some other 'Anti-Spam' products but hey, it sure works and works extremely well. A further plus is that it does not take up a chunk of hard-drive disk space. If I was to make a recommendation, it would be to increase the font and overall size of the 'Noticeboard' feature. Some people may struggle with this. I express my gratitude to the generosity of the developers, in offering this excellent program as freeware and would hope to see its profile raised and downloads increase, honestly, believing this would be fully justified. Price: Free
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Glary Utilities Free Glary Utilities Free

An amazing box of tricks! 5 stars
I have had GU Free v2.4.0.158 installed on my PC for several weeks now. It is an amazing compendium of useful PC Tools. The GUI is extremely intuitive and is way above par for the usual 'run-of-the-mill' freeware program. In my experience, the program integrates well with MS Windows XP [in my case MCE] without creating conflicts or 'glitches'. The registry cleaning utility is very comprehensive but at the same time reassuringly safe. Each area of the Registry can be selected. It is possible to review any entries selected, prior to deletion and the, essential restore, facility is available in the event it should be needed and this is clearly and logically catalogued. Overall, this program is an exceptional credit to the developers and express my gratitude to them for releasing GU as Freeware. [Bear in mind, if shareware, this would easily be priced at $39.95+]. GU is well worth investigating and exploring. Price: Free
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AMP Font Viewer AMP Font Viewer

A marvelous product! 5 stars
Looking for quick and easy access to review the numerous fonts on my PC, I downloaded AMP Font Viewer v3.80 and was not disappointed with the result. This product is extremely intuitive and has comprehensive features without becoming over complicated. The preview pane is of sufficiently generous dimension to review the full range of characters with or without the ANSI characters. There is the, additional, ability to compile your own font categories to increase the ease of accessibility. There is no doubt that this is a quality product and have no hesitation recommending it to other users. I complete this review by expressing my gratitude to Alberto Martinez Perez for the time, effort and commitment to developing this product in addition to his kind generosity in offering this utility as freeware [although, justifiably, there is the opportunity to make a donation]. His initials are AMP - hence the title to this review - A Marvelous Product! Price: Free
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BitMeter 2 BitMeter 2

Excellent utility 5 stars
Have had 'BitMeter' v3.5.2.13805 installed on my PC for some weeks now and thought it high-time I wrote a well-deserved review. Since switching to Broadband, I wanted to log my 'Download'/'Upload' rates and BitMeter records this data comprehensively. The small graph window is really quite unobtrusive. The data 'BitMeter' records is easily accessible in different formats and in my experience this product just 'goes about its business' without any errors, issues or 'glitches'. One aspect I really like about this product is that it is considered 'Thank-You-Ware' and all the developer asks is that if you enjoy using the product then simply write with feedback and inform them - Fair enough! In addition to this, there is also the opportunity to make a donation to the charity of the developer's choice and think this is a really commendable approach. Thank you Rob for a great little product. Price: Free
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System Cleaner System Cleaner

A professional and polished system clean! 5 stars
'System Cleaner' v5.53 is a product I am totally satisfied with and one in which I have every confidence using. This is a very intuitive, feature rich, professionally designed product for which the developers deserve to be highly commended. The facilities to 'Clean and Repair', 'Optimize and Improve', with 'Security and Privacy', 'System Control' and with the facility to 'Analyze and Compare', in addition to being able to schedule maintenance, makes for an extremely comprehensive and extensive PC/System/Disk maintenance utility. In my experience this is a product that thoroughly but more significantly, safely cleans and maintains PC/System/Disk integrity. Due to the previous review, I can confirm the GUI is attractive, professional and intuitive. Combined with 'Pointstone's' companion product 'Total Privacy' this is a formidable pairing in terms of exceptionally proficient PC maintenance. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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Total Privacy Total Privacy

Totally satisfactory! 5 stars
I am surprised [and privileged] to be the first reviewer. I recently installed v5.30 of 'Total Privacy', having initially installed v5.22. This is a product I am totally satisfied with and one in which I have every confidence using. In my opinion, a real bonus 'Total Privacy' has over its competitors is the fact it wipes the 'Free Space' on the hard drive, whereas many other products in this category, as comprehensive as they are, would appear to overlook this essential feature if it is intended to maintain security, privacy and integrity of the hard-drive. The graphic accompanying the 'Free Space' cleaning is beneficial in monitoring progress. This is a very intuitive, feature rich, professionally designed product for which the developers deserve to be highly commended. Combined with 'Pointstone's ' companion product 'System Cleaner' this is a formidable pairing in terms of exceptionally proficient PC maintenance. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Auslogics Disk Defrag Auslogics Disk Defrag

Plain sailing 5 stars
I was immediately impressed upon installing Auslogics Defragmenter v1.1 on my PC. It is simplicity itself to use and unlike the standard MS Defrag. provides a colorful illustration that defragmentation is acutally occurring, instead of just percentages and numbers changing, with a bland graphic. This is a tool I have confidence in. One I enjoy using and one I would not hesitate to recommend to others looking for evidence and verification that defragmenting of the hard drive has actually occurred! I am always indebted to developers who offer a product of such high caliber as genuine freeware and would not consider this review complete unless I expressed my gratitude to them. A worthwhile addition to anyone with a PC who wants to keep their computer in 'tip-top' condition and well maintained. Thank you Auslogics - Keep up the good work. Price: Free
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WordWeb WordWeb

Wonderful 5 stars
Recently downloaded and installed v4.5a of 'WordWeb'. For someone who enjoys words this is an absolute boon! Find it is in almost constant use when composing letters or other correspondence. What a wonderful asset it is when making choices and creating variety within the content of 'Word' documents, or using it as a tool of reference across many applications. This is a well-organised and nicely presented program with plenty of flexibility and choice in how it is used. The 'tabbed' menus provide easy access for definitions and researching words to a greater or lesser extent. For myself, 'clicking' is not an issue because I thoroughly enjoy using the options that are available and the journey of exploration and discovery I am taken on. I express my gratitude to the developer Antony for making this excellent product available as Freeware and I would certainly hope to upgrade to the 'pro' version in the very near future! Price: Free
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SymmTime SymmTime

Stunning timepiece! 5 stars
Wanting to keep in touch with friends and relatives in different parts of the world I had been reviewing PC clocks and the like to accomplish this. Choosing to install Symmtime v2.3 on my PC is certainly not a decision I regret. This is skillful, polished and professional software development. As someone who is only a 'User' it intrigues me how some of the effects are created and the time, effort, dedication and commitment there must be to accomplish them. This is a really comprehensive tool and yet so intuitive and friendly to use. With the synchronization facility that is available the PC clock is adjusted as well. If you wish to monitor time zones then look no further. I very much doubt there is any program to match Symmtimes capabilities and options. This review would not be complete if I failed to express my gratitude to Jerry and Stuart who have, patently, dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort to this worthy project over a number of years. Price: Free
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GetRight GetRight

Getright, each time, every time, all the time 5 stars
With v.6.1 recently installed on my system, thought it high time I wrote a positive review for this exceptionally good DLM. I have used GetRight since 02/03 and have never been anything other than extremely pleased with my purchase. GetRight has never been anything other than consistently reliable on capturing and downloading files. In my opinion, this is a totally professional program in terms of GUI appearance and execution. The most recent version is really polished. In fact, I fear I probably do not do justice to the enormous range and complexity of options on this program. In my experience, I have never experienced anything other than 100 per cent support for this program on the very rare occasions I have required assistance and on the last occasion the developer corresponded with me directly and 'bent over backwards' to help me resolve the issue. Thank you, Michael and all at 'Headlight' for a superb program and its ongoing development! ;-) Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Destined to be a leader in its class? 5 stars
This proved a very pleasing application to use. v1.2 integrated with Windows 98 and found it to perform quite exceptionally. The interface is very intuitive and nicely designed. The choice for editing is comprehensive and readily identified. However, if there is a downside and find this with all programs designed for this specific purpose, while it is a real bonus to be able to 'Back-Up', I wish developers would incorporate a method for the 'User' to personally identify each back-up. I find dates, times and numbers are inadequate to recall the exact nature of the error I fixed. At least they are for me! In this instance, it is also a little bit hazy as to exactly how to execute a specific restore but this does not detract from the overall performance of the program. Finally, I express my gratitude to Eusing for donating this excellent program as 'Freeware' with the option to donate. Price: Free
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Free Window Registry Repair Free Window Registry Repair

Impressed! 5 stars
I am reluctant to install v1.0 of any software, suspecting it will have 'bugs'. However, with Free Window Registry Repair I was, both, impressed and pleasantly surprised. It proved to integrate very well with Windows '98 and is very 'User-Friendly'. If there is a downside and find this with all software designed for this specific purpose, while it is a real bonus to be able to 'Back-Up', I wish developers would incorporate a method for the 'User' to personally identify each back-up. I find dates, times and numbers are inadequate to recall the exact nature of the error I fixed. At least they are for me! With such beneficial applications available for PC/Registry maintenance it would be exasperating to create conflict/corruption by inadvertently restoring an incorrect 'Back-Up' to the Registry. Finally, I express my gratitude to Regsofts for donating this excellent program as 'Freeware' with the option to donate. Price: Free
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Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

A real smooth operator 4 stars
I really like Ad-Aware v.1.06r1! Does its job, is reliable, dependable and integrates with Windows '98 without issue. The scan is proving to be comprehensive and is relatively quick when compared to similar programs in its class. The manual updates are straightforward, rapidly downloaded and installed without complications. Sufficient flexibility and scope within the program for the 'User' to define their own operating parameters and preferences. The only reason I have not given a higher rating is because I am, currently, only using the 'Freeware' version so do not have experience of the application in its fullest capacity but would not doubt it to have the same flawless performance. I think this application must be fast becoming a leader in its field and thank the Lavasoft team for offering the 'Freeware' version, which is not ungenerous in the features available. No hesitation to recommend this fine software to other Users. Price: Free
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Filseclab Personal Firewall Filseclab Personal Firewall

Appearances and a name can be deceptive 5 stars
Having assessed numerous 'Firewalls', I downloaded and installed v.3.0 of Filseclab onto my PC, almost as a last resort. However, I was most pleasantly surprised. It integrated extremely well with W98, not creating any conflicts with my AV program, OE6 or any other software on my PC, as some other firewalls had. In light of my recent experiences I was surprised how easily 'Filseclab' could be configured and [for me] how straightforward it is. Plenty of data available and easily accessible. Very 'User Friendly'. The icon in System Tray monitoring traffic is very visible, with audio, also, available to indicate 'blocked traffic'. The program is developed in China and some of the English in 'Help' is unorthodox but easily understood. Yes, I really like this program and recommend it to others and am indebted to the developers for making it available as genuine 'Freeware'. A more than capable and competently executed program. Price: Free
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Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus

Avast! me hearties - a unique av program! 5 stars
There are an insufficient number of superlatives, as well as space to sing the praises of this excellent AV program. I have had v4.7 installed on my PC for about a week now and still feel exhilerated on each and every occasion I start it up!! :-) Make no mistake Avast! is truly unique, innovative and creative in AV program design, which in my estimation is a clear 'head and shoulders' above its rivals! In some respects, it might well be considered a cross between an AV Program and media player inasmuch as the skins that can be selected to transform its appearance. These in my opinion are true works of art. They are really well-designed and beautiful in appearance. As for the 'business end'? That is just as keen, sharp and beautifully crafted as well. I must leave room to express my gratitude to ALWIL software for providing a richly featured freeware version of the program to home users. I would sincerely hope to upgrade to the Professional version, one day. Price: Free
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SpywareBlaster SpywareBlaster

No news is good news! 5 stars
V.3.5.1 is installed on my PC and unusally, it is difficult to review because by its very nature it is less interactive than some programs in the same category. The best way I can sum it up is 'No News is Good News' ie. if nothing negative in the way of malware is indicated on your PC then SpywareBlaster is doing its quite exceptional job. The interface I would describe as basic but what does it matter if it isn't being used on a daily basis anyway? I always but always appreciate any individual/company that is prepared to develop quality software and then proceeds to provide it as genuine 'Freeware'. In the Freeware version updates rely on manual input but with the icon emblazoned on my desktop I am hardly likely to forget - No problem! I would not and do not solely rely on this program for protection but view it as part of an umbrella of security. Yes, I recommend this reliable, dependable and quietly reassuring program. Thank you JavaCool! Price: Free
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R-Firewall R-Firewall

Mixed feelings 4 stars
On the 'upside', I really warmed to R-FireWall. Its interface is well laid-out and pleasing on the eye. With much of the configuration being processed during the installation, setting the rules for the remaining applications is straightforward. On the 'downside', wanting to use this excellent application to its fullest capacity I wanted to learn how to configure 'Attack Detection' but the Technical Support was not forthcoming. Reviewing the EULA it clearly stated this would be available via electronic communication. This was pointed out and the support was promptly received. However, during the time R-FireWall was on my PC I received 'Error Report' requests which dented my confidence in this, otherwise, excellent product. It was with much regret and a great deal of reluctance that I, therefore, uninstalled R-FireWall from my PC. Recommended but maybe a bug or two could do with ironing out. The choice is yours. Price: Free
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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

A very good program, but.... 3 stars
Having uninstalled my AV program and wanting to support Freeware distribution I chose AVG finding it a disappointing experience. It only scans infectable files which on my PC was only 13,336 files. My previous AV program a certai-N commercial product would regularly scan iro 39,000 files, quite a difference! I found AVG's scanning of 'In'/'Out' e-mails lacking as it proved intermittent and unreliable even though the settings were correct. The AV definition update 'splash' screen arriving 'wham' right in my face was alarming and rather irritating when trying to work. Surely, this could be done in the background, with a much smaller notification when the update is complete? Even for the free version I thought the features were somewhat limited. I know when writing a review direct reference should not be made to other programs, so all I can say is, the AV program I have installed on my PC, now, is a vast improvement on AVG! ;-) Price: Free
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Spamihilator Spamihilator

Spam-tastic! 5 stars
Looking for an Anti-Spam program I found Spamihilator had such a 'mixed bag' of reviews I was very doubtful about downloading it. As a consequence, I wasted a lot of hours, trying every variation on a theme! Eventually, I installed 'Spamihilator' v. on my PC and I do not regret it one little bit! I love it! This terrific program integrates, not only with W98 but my e-mail client and also my AV program extremely well and it is proving fun to learn and use. Okay, so it had a coupla hiccups [only minor ones] on its 'learning curve' or were they mine? All I know is, I am sure as hell happier to have this on my PC than to be without it now. C'mon, you have to give credit to anyone who dedicates their time and a great deal of effort to developing a high quality program such as this and then generously offering it as genuine 'Freeware'. Yes, without any hesitation whatsoever, I would recommend this program. Danke Michel Kramer. Price: Free
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EasyCleaner EasyCleaner

Easy-peasy, clean-easy! :-) 5 stars
I have 'Easy Cleaner' v. installed and quickly became confident in the use of this extremely 'User-Friendly', program for cleaning/editing the registry on my PC. This is a well-designed and competently executed program. I think the ease with which this program can be used, even for the novice, conceals its true complexity. There is a very useful 'Help Guide' included. The 'Undo' feature and 'Back-Up' utility reinforces the confidence with which this program can be used. In my limited experience, this program also includes the unusual feature of identifying Disk usage which is useful in identifying exactly how the space on the hard-drive is allocated. I am extremely grateful to the developer for committing their time and effort to developing such an excellent and high quality program as 'Freeware', although voluntary donations can be made, and why not? when they are well-deserved. Thank you Toni's Arts. Price: Free
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Startup Control Panel Startup Control Panel

A real little gem of a program! 5 stars
I recently downloaded v2.8 of Startup Control Panel as I had a Startup issue I wished to resolve. Only wish I had found it sooner! While, it is an uncomplicated no 'frills' program it is very intuitive to use and does exactly what it states. A really excellent utility to confidently monitor/configure 'Startup'. A further bonus is that it doesn't actually have to be installed to function. It integrates really well with W98 and have no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending it to other users. Make no mistake, this is a quality program that is reliable and dependable. I really appreciate and am always extremely grateful to anybody who devotes their time, effort and a great deal of commitment to developing a program and donating it as 'Freeware'. There is a 'tip' box for donations and really like this subtle, approach and any payments made via this good-humored method are surely well-deserved. Thank you Mike Lin. Price: Free
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Spy Sweeper Spy Sweeper

Top of its class! 5 stars
Had Spy Sweeper on my PC for a few years now. The version I have, 4.5 is the latest I can have on my W98 OS. I consider this program a 'key' component in the maintenance and integrity of my PC. Excellent prog. Very reliable. Tried others but they pale by comparison. Full scans on other similar programs take 20-40 mins, tops and generally sweep between 25,000 to 40,000 items on my hard drive and consider the job done. A full scan of my 'C' Drive, by Spy Sweeper, currently, takes 2 1/4 hours (doesn't bother me) and by comparison sweeps 83,935 items on my hard drive and that figure perfectly illustrates what I like about the security of Spy Sweeper, no 'stone is left unturned', no corner of any file or folder is excluded! Always a thorough job and have every confidence in its abilities. On the (very) rare occasion I have had to seek support, in my experience, have found Webroot's Tech. Support second to none. Worth every cent! Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Window Washer Window Washer

The 'bees knees'! 5 stars
Pity there is not a current 'screenshot' for WW. I have v6.0 on my PC. The 'Interface' now has the appearance of a true 'thoroughbred'. It integrates extremely well with W98. I, now, consider this a 'key' product for maintaining the integrity and health of my PC. Wouldn't consider another product now. Its, reliable, easy to use and on the (very) rare occasion I have required assistance, in my experience, have always found 'Webroot's Technical Support' to be second to none. Being able to set the 'bleaching' of files to your own desired settings is really good. It has good versatility and even the relative novice will find it easy to learn and will quickly become confident in its use. Although it can take some hours to complete, I find it a real asset to be able to 'wash' the 'Free Space' on the 'Hard-Disk' to ensure any remaining remnants of deleted files are removed. [Editor: The screenshot was updated today] Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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NetVisualize Favorites Organizer NetVisualize Favorites Organizer

Firm favorite! 5 stars
I have 'NFO' v1.5.0 in use on my PC. I find it hard to believe that 'WebAttack/Snapfiles' have given this program only a 3 star rating. In my opinion and experience of using 'NFO' on a daily basis, it has to be THE leader in its field, no other similar program can hold a candle to it! It integrates smoothly with W98 and the versatility of this program, knows no bounds! What can't it do, in terms of organizing, bookmarking and keeping 'Favorites'current? A real joy and pleasure to use and am indebted to the developer [Allen Martin] for creating such a program for the Internet Browser fanatic to assist in keeping their 'Favorites' in order! Dontcha just love those thumbnails, real kewl! ;-) Even the "Trial" version gives about 90-95% usage of the total program. Without hesitation or reservation I wholeheartedly recommend this program to other Users. Without doubt a quality program worth every single, solitary cent. Price: Free Trial ($34.95)
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RegSeeker RegSeeker

Handle with care! 3 stars
On the PLUS side I am impressed, overall, by the functionality of 'RegSeeker' v1.52. Caution needs to be exercised in its use and the User needs to be familiar with what is loaded on their PC so they can assess what can be safely deleted. On the 'DOWN' side, I believe a 'Help Guide' would prove useful especially with regard to identifying file extensions. It would also assist having some instruction on the use of the 'Back-Ups'. It only seems to store them for a day, so how do you restore files if a deleting error is made? The language selection does not function. The interface icons and font size could be increased in size for better clarity. With some further development, minor improvements and 'tweaks' believe 'RegSeeker' would become a leader in its field. I thank the developer for the time and effort they have committed to the project and for donating this high quality, competent program as 'Freeware'. Price: Free
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ContactKeeper ContactKeeper

Hooray for contactkeeper 5 stars
There are 'Contact Managers' and there are 'Birthday Reminder' programs, then there is 'ContactKeeper'! This program combines the two features and does an excellent job of it. I particularly like the fact that when opening the program, the contact's details remain obscured from view until a name is selected. Very useful, if you are in an environment in which you wish to be discreet. Another plus is that fields for entering contact data are 'format free'. So many other Contact Managers adhere to the US address format (ZIP Code/State) which is too restricting for European style addresses. I find the 3 Star rating 'WebAttack/SnapFiles' have given this Utility a bit harsh. Personally, I think it is more deserving of a 4 Rating. Thank you Tim for donating this excellent product as 'Freeware'. Price: Free
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Advanced Diary Advanced Diary

Top marks for advanced diary 5 stars
AD is one of those programs that is just sooooo 'kewl' looking you just have to download it and install it to see what it looks like on your own PC! Let me tellya this is the business! A fantastic program with so many features it is amazing - just incredible! It is extremely user friendly and immediately found that I just want to utilize 'Advanced Diary' to it fullest capacity. In my experience, it integrates extremely well with MS W98 and no glitches or bugs are apparent. I commend the kind generosity of the developers in releasing this as a 'freebie' because they would be more than justified in charging for a program of this caliber. There are sufficient features to be creative and to personalize 'AD' to the Users preference. A Password feature allows diaries to be protected from prying eyes. If you are looking for this kind of utility, look no further. I highly recommend 'AD'. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Password Agent Password Agent

Password to success 5 stars
This program is excellent and in my experience integrates extremely well with Windows '98. I would like to express my gratitude to the developers for their kind generosity in offering the 'Lite' version as 'Freeware' and any potential Users can be assured that, in my experience, the free version does NOT contain any 'Adware', 'Spyware' or malicious code. A competently executed program which functions smoothely without any 'glitches' or 'bugs'. The updates for the freeware version are also free, so it is a bonus to be able to keep the program current. Twenty-five entries I think is sufficient for most private individuals before having to purchase the software to increase the number of entries. As stated by a previous reviewer, why pay for something when there is a perfectly good program available for free? I can certainly recommend it. Price: Free Trial ($24.95)
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Stickies Stickies

Three cheers for stickies! 5 stars
This is an excellent little program. Very 'User' Friendly. How refreshing it is to find that there are still some people in the world ready to produce something for no cost/fee and without expecting anything in return. I applaud the developer for this terrific little program he has developed and for offering it as a 'Freebie'. The bonus being, that this program really does NOT contain any 'Adware' or 'Spyware'. In my experience it integrates extremely well with Windows '98 - NO glitches, NO bugs, NO Nothin'! Just a smoothe running, reliable, extremely good all round professional looking/User Friendly program that does what it claims. I can do no better than to commend this program to anyone who is considering installing any kind of Sticky Note/Reminder Program. Forget the rest, 'Stickies' is the best. Thank you Tom! Price: Free
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