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AM Browser AM Browser

Strong all round 5 stars
What do I want out of web browser? Speed there are some other fast browsers which don't quite work in all areas Compatibility there are browsers which work with all thrown at them but are a tad slow Ability to work with Robo form fillers yup Tabs yup For the time being, at least, this is very much my choice Price: Free
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PowerArchiver PowerArchiver

Good but free version please 4 stars
A good compression utility should, imho: Make and read zip files very quickly At least read rar files Make folder and zip very similar (ie zipped folder should not appear as zip file within a zip file (result too many utilities produce)) OK so PowerArchiver does the above and more - pity there isn't a free version which just does the above and could make PA mass product with the paid for version doing the more (encryption etc) Price: Free Trial ($22.95)
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TrueCrypt TrueCrypt

Truecrypt 5 stars
As far as I can make out, to protect data, it must be scrambled, locks which dont, dont work. So there are approx three levels of encryption 1, manually compress files and use a file encrypt program 2, use TrueCrypt or similar 3, use full disk encryption. 1 is too awkward. 3 it takes around a day to fully encrypt hard disk and it would be wise to decrypt before, say, windows reinstall. So that leaves option 2 TrueCrypt (or similar) looking, for the time being, quite attractive. Frankly I wouldn't really bother with truecrypt alternatives, it is a little awkward to get used to but after that it rocks and will be major utility imho Price: Free
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ArovaxShield ArovaxShield

Arovaxshield deserved favourite 4 stars
I seem to recall antivirus tools pointing out problem but - too late registry already changed, and hard work trying to reverse that. Arovax shield demands ask before any registry change. It concentrates an that task and does it well. Price: Free
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