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NET Traffic Meter NET Traffic Meter

Very good however 4 stars
This program is very good for monitoring your internet speed on download/upload. However, even tho it does not say in the requirements the Microsoft .Net Framework is required before this program will run. If you do not have .Net framework installed on your computer it will give you a chance to download it. If you are on a dial-up connection be prepared to wait at least 2-3 hours before the .Net framework downloads completely. [Editor: We have it listed with .NET as requirement.] Price: Free
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Opera Opera

Simple - the best - bar none - eoc ! 5 stars
I have only been using opera since version 6 but what I have found is this : It is The Best ! there is Nothing to compare with Opera... IE kept giving me an Error ! I contacted Microsoft for help. This is what I got ! Different computer manfact use patches for their own computers. Sorry I can't help you !! Now I ask you, that is Really Good Customer Service ain't it...!!! I will stay with Opera and if the others check it out and give it a chance they will have No Other Option but to go with Opera.... My Case is Closed ! Flash32 Price: Free
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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

I agree somewhat but opera is still # 1 2 stars
I also used both firefox and Opera. the bad default with firefox is the fact that it will not let you Cut and paste. I am into graphics pretty heavy and Firefox just does not come up to Par with Opera. One Day Everyone will Learn. IE - Well IE is really the Pits from just about day #1 !! I would Never go back to IE - version 1 through 7 or 12 for that matter and it won't be long before 12 will be here too.... If you have never used Opera then I would suggest that you give it a try. The Best of the Lot...Just as many features as Firefox and they work a lot better and themes tons of them. My two Cents worth...for what it is worth..!! flash32 Price: Free
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