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MusicBee MusicBee

Awesome media player 5 stars
I've used a number of music and media players over the years. Most recently I was using MediaMonkey Gold (paid version). I never really 'liked' MediaMonkey and looked for something else. I stumbled upon MusicBee and decided to try it because a portable version is offered in addition to an installable version. I found MusicBee to be incredibly easy to use. The previous reviewer complained about difficulty finding the tagging menu, but all I did was right click on a file and there it was in a context menu. Tagging is so easy that I've tagged a couple hundred songs so far -- including lyrics and album art. I've also customized MusicBee with different skins, menus, panel settings, and columns -- all without any trouble. One of the features I especially like is the ability to have a panel open so that song lyrics and album art are visible while a song is being played. Another awesome feature is that MusicBee will automatically search the Internet for song lyrics and album art if the file tags are accurate enough. (It also allows you to imbed this data into the file so that you it even when not connected to the Internet.) I've only been using MusicBee for a week, but I like it more each time I use it -- the opposite of the other players I've used. Time will tell if I stick with MusicBee or go looking for something else yet again. Price: Free
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CubicExplorer CubicExplorer

Great alternative to Windows Explorer 5 stars
I've been using CubicExplorer for a few years and its a great alternative to Windows Explorer. I have used a number of other WinExp alternatives over the years, but I usually end up quitting them after a while. CE is constantly being updated and refined with the periodic inclusion of new features (all depending on the developers mental health). I like the clean overall look of it and the ability to change themes. I especially like CEs ability to automatically close a folder when clicking on a different folder since I'm the kind of person who opens files through an Explorer program rather than opening them through the parent application program. (Saves time and mouse clicks.) Best of all: Its free! Price: Free
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DeskPins DeskPins

Great idea 5 stars
Installed without problem on Windows XP Pro system. (I haven't tried it yet with Vista.) I find myself using this nifty little program more all the time. Kudos to the developer! Price: Free
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Taskbar Shuffle Taskbar Shuffle

Finally! 5 stars
I have been wishing a program like this existed for years. Today I discovered Taskbar Shuffle and installed it immediately on XP Pro. Let me say that it's like manna from heaven! I am now able to arrange my taskbar buttons in the order I prefer. This should be a standard feature in Windows--especially Vista. But alas, Microsoft is too focused on adding features that have minimal impact on users. Price: Free
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SpywareBlaster SpywareBlaster

Easy to use and effective 5 stars
I've been using this program for over a year now and I really like it. Manual updates are necessary unless you are willing to pay, but you only have to update every couple of weeks or so. I use this in conjunction with Ad-Aware SE; SpywareBlaster keeps most junk off my machine and Ad-Aware takes care of what does slip through. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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jetAudio Basic jetAudio Basic

Now my #1 media player 5 stars
I have become so tired of all the bloat in players such as Windows Media Player (9,10,11), and RealPlayer. (God save us all from Nero 7!) Consequently, I decided to give jetAudio a try and man was I pleasantly surprised. It's very seldom that anything impresses me--especially software--but this little gem was an instant hit and remains so today. It is now my main player. Other reviewers have complained about the difficulty of making a playlist. While not the easiest thing to do the first time, it is possible, and once you have it figured out it is relatively easy. The player has a lot of other features and tweaks that you can fiddle with to tailor the player to your liking. I highly recommend this to anybody. Price: Free
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OpenOffice OpenOffice

Get it! 5 stars
As an exclusive user of Microsoft Office for the past 10 years, I was reluctant to switch to anything else. After reading about OpenOffice in numerous publications, I finally decided to give it a try. (What the heck, it's free.) I am pleasantly surprised with this software. It has a slight learning curve from MS Office but I found the menus and options to be very intuitive. I have found no compatibility problems yet with my existing MS files. (OpenOffice will recognize MS files and save them as MS files if you desire.) This package is now my mainstay and I am converting all my MS files to open source format. I am no longer a slave to MS and their expensive, proprietary office suite. Price: Free
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