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Sandboxie Sandboxie

Excellent 5 stars
Great program and it works well with the new Internet Explorer 7. With IE7's ability to tab the links you click, within the same browser window, you stay within the Sandboxie environment. Some links open a separate page with items that open outside the Sanbox which is covered by sandboxie if you pay for it but not for the free users. Still wonderful. Tabbed IE7 takes care of that. I haven't paid yet but I'm going to! Had a bit if trouble getting sandboxed and getting to use Netscapes WebExcelerator at the same time but figured it out. For Netscape users, sign in to Netscape the usual way and once your in, then open Sandboxie. It will open its own browser. You must re-sign in to Netscape in this "sandboxed" browser in order to get your Netscape add-ons to work in the same browser as Sanboxie. Well worth it! Great stuff. Price: Free
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Slawdog Smart Shutdown Slawdog Smart Shutdown

Good stuff 4 stars
Good program and works well. It gives me an error, "internet disconnect failed" or something like that so had to use the log off thing and that dose it but the Netscape software thought it was a mistake and restarted the internet connection anyway. Otherwise, good program. Price: Free
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EMCO MoveOnBoot EMCO MoveOnBoot

You need this now!! 5 stars
You may not know this but MoveOnBoot clears the/your web traffic info Windows collects in the "Index.dat" files located in the "temporary Internet Files" folder the next time you reboot. This helps keep your web traffic info PRIVATE. MoveOnBoot is the best thing ive used. This program is the best! Right click the file Windows or the file author wont let you delete, and select "delete files on next boot" and when you re-boot, there gone. MoveOnBoot deletes files on bootup and doesn't ask "Windows" for permission. Occasionally, a virus will install a file that you cant delete. Or it will install it to a location that is protected by Microsoft and can't be deleted. This program is the best for getting rid of those elements that "won't go away". A must have! Price: Free
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Rename4U Rename4U

Exellent tool 5 stars
This thing is great! I collect a great many files that I keep on my hard drive. They all have to be named and numbered and Rename4U does it all. It let me load 2400 items to rename at once! Awesome. It give you the ability to add prefix info and number values as well. This program is the best! Price: Free
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Dexpot Dexpot

Great program 5 stars
This program is the best! It lets me change screens with a flick of the hotkeys. I can hide my desktop activities before my Wife rounds the corner. The program lets me switch from the number one screen showing my stock investments to the thirteenth screen desktop with the taxes I was supposed to do. Each person gets their own desktop that uses the same PC. You can even transfer open windows between them. Great program Price: Free
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Yankee-Clipper III Yankee-Clipper III

Great stuff 5 stars
This thing is great! I like to take still captures from the video movies I play on my PC and Yankee-clipper saves them all. It let me open the images it collected for me in windows pain, and save them to the hard drive from there. It also saves on the typing. Great idea! Price: Free
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Index.dat Suite Index.dat Suite

Great program 5 stars
Not only does it delete the index.dat files but it will also delete the entire Temp-internet-files folder as well. When you go online windows replaces it with a fresh empty one so you can get rid of the content of index.dat and contentIE5 folders in one swipe. I like to run it from DOS before Windows starts each time I boot up for the day. Windows is not a privacy based operating system so Index.dat Suite is just the thing you need! Locate the .exe file to this program in Program Files and send a link to it to C: That way you can easily run it from DOS. Price: Free
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CCleaner CCleaner

You need this 5 stars
Windows keeps all the internet addresses you visit in an "index.dat" file. Even if you delete cookies in the cookies folder or webb stuff in Temporary Internet Files folder, Windows still has all that stuff in the index.dat files. CCleaner kills these files! When Windows reboots, it sees theres no index.dat files and replaces them fresh "empty" index files. Windows wont let you delete index.dat files but CCleaner will. Great program. Reboot your PC and hold down the F8 key to boot into "Safe Mode with command prompt. Then type "cd C:" to change the directory to C drive and hit "DIR". Locate the link to CCleaner you put there and run this program from Safe Mode. Even better. Price: Free
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