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Icons from File Icons from File

Perfect 5 stars
Pretty much perfect is what I can say, it does its thing and does it nicely. Though I would like to have the possibility to (ctrl or shift) multi select icons from within the viewer.. nice program Price: Free
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PicWalker PicWalker

I'm free! 5 stars
I overlooked this one long time ago.. big mistake! always searched for an app to reduce images to 16 colors maintaining high fidelity(the only one i know is fotocanvas- open pic and press ctrl+4), but it is shareware! this one does the trick... so im free now ;) interface is rather odd, and lacks some stuff,but who cares.. the program works as intended and that gotta be enough for free huh, besides its slideshow approach its very interesting Price: Free
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SlickView SlickView

Promising 5 stars
I like its minimalistic approach. with some customization to the html template, it can achieve great stuff- some dragNdrop for files/folders would be nice too Price: Free
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Maxthon Maxthon

The best shell for IE 5 stars
This is the one of choice, specially because of the plugin thing. it is not just for us designers (they have lots of tools) and power users but for anyone! They have neat things ready to use and real fun. I dont think youd go lookin any further. (except of course for Ipera die hard fans ;) ) Price: Free
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UltraExplorer UltraExplorer

Good good 5 stars
Perfectly usable, although it does not support archived files (yet) it has some cool and useful features related to navigation. Price: Free
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FreeCommander XE FreeCommander XE

Very very good 5 stars
I believe this is the best freeware (donationware) explorer replacement, very powerful yet light and easy to use. Price: Free
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Jaangle Jaangle

Very handy 5 stars
Never had time to go through sites to get lyrics.. this thingy does it nicely and unobtrusively. It`s almost perfect. Interface and features are being developed as you`re reading this ;) BTW, it uses very little RAM... Price: Free
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Acoo Browser Acoo Browser

Nice indeed.... 5 stars
Well it is a good one.. since it seems to me this is a Maxthon clone ;) it has almost same features, very similar ui (even dialogs and menu order look very familiar) and pretty much same functionality. Even versions are close (acoo= 1.56, maxthon=1.59) however, it introduces new stuff, like the page analyzer, which has tools for web developers or power users. There are not many plugins though, but add killer works great. I do recommend it since it could grow richer in tools and plugins. Price: Free
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ZoomIt ZoomIt

Handy 5 stars
Ever wanted to point out a detail from a working process to your colleague or friend? this is the thingy to use! enlarge screen, draw on it and take the screenshot.. and it has a breaktime thing too.. well after +8 hours sitting down,one might need it ;) Price: Free
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FontRenamer FontRenamer

Simple, yet very effective 5 stars
Exactly. pretty cool and useful. Price: Free
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ShirusuPad ShirusuPad

Look no further 5 stars
This tiny app gathers all will ever need.. integrates all services (notes,to-do,reminders) in a clean interface and just a click away, not annoying windows everywhere, and yet fully functional. Price: Free
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Quick Zip Quick Zip

Pretty good one 5 stars
I dont think UI is ugly, though it is somehow flicky, and it could indeed be improved, but its stable enough for everyday use. I like it cause its the only one i found who can create most of its supported formats from context menu. plus it has internal file view, its multi-language and of course its freeware. Price: Free
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STP MP3 player STP MP3 player

Unbelievable 5 stars
I was looking for simplicity and effectiveness.. used foobar for a while.. then passed to Billy.. but this is the best ever! though billy uses much less resources, its not even close to the features offered by STP.. really amazing.. and it support skins!! Price: Free
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Inedita Inedita

Better than it seems 4 stars
Yes, its a "silent" installation, but it does create program menu shortcut and it has some nice and useful features indeed.. tiny buttons has a tooltip so you can figure out what each one does.. take a look at the help file if unsure.. interface is skinnable and thats pretty cool actually. middle click on tabs saves file. highlight works fine and it has most common (not css though) although it has a favorites feature, i dont like it has no recent file list. pretty good i think (its asked me about some "c:unzippedpathsync.exe.ini at program start" ) Price: Free
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Scan2PDF Scan2PDF

Works really fine 4 stars
Does what it says and its really easy to use. Interface should be improved, but its no nag. Compresses images incredibly without losing quality. Price: Free
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