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Screamer Radio Screamer Radio

Good things come in small packages 5 stars
Unprecedented amount of preset stations arranged by country/region/genre or network with the option to add more with simplicity. Easily configurable and uses next to no resources. Price: Free
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Thunderbird Thunderbird

Unbeatable 5 stars
Without sounding critical, Snapfiles needs to post more recent reviews of this powerful free email client, the last being January 2007. A lot has happened since then. It is fully customizable, fast and accurate. The features and customizations are almost endless and should be more than enough to suit everyone's needs, both private and professional. The learning curve is not steep and easy to configure your own spam filter levels. I would recommend this email to anyone. Price: Free
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SideSlide SideSlide

Moved up from 4 to 5 stars of excellence 5 stars
Within the last couple of weeks Sideslide has improved by fixing a few irritating bugs. Some may say that these were inconsequential but they were somewhat annoying. Now that all of these have been attended to, I have no choice but to amend my previous rating of 4. It now has a rating of 5. I cannot imagine a program/application/folder/file/url launcher improving on this one. If it was a browser, it would be Firefox as it is so customizable. Great work. Price: Free
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Mayk Mayk

Would be good if more stable 3 stars
I would give this a 5 star rating and use it if it were more stable. Once set up, it is good. In fact, it was good enough to prompt me to uninstall Object Dock and Folder Guide. HOWEVER, it appears to have a mind of its own in that it will erase the contents (URL addresses, and shortcuts to programs and files) from the tabs/buttons. If this problem could be rectified I would certainly reinstall this small piece of software which uses virtually no resources. I have tried it over a 5 day period and the problem is recurring and I don't believe that it's my system. I had to uninstall simply due to its unreliability. Until then, I am back with Object Dock and Folder Guide Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Jul 08, 2006: Thank you for displaying your oppinion. Without it I wouldn t be able to make Mayk better. There were several complaints like yours, and in the meanwhile I worked on solution. The quick-fix for this problem is now available on my web site in form of zip archive. You just need to unzip it in Mayk s folder (it contains executive file Mayk.exe , so you need to replace old one) and hopefully the problem will be solved. Thanks again, Dejan Stanojevic

EssentialPIM Free EssentialPIM Free

I defy anyone to show me a better stand alone 5 stars
I defy anyone to show me a better free stand alone personal information/appointment manager. I have been using it for about a year and the updates improve the program (relatively regularly), especially evident in this 1.8 version. Google Calendar is not far away but it has some things to learn, possibly from Essential PIM. One feature I really enjoy is "contacts"; when I need one of my contact's address, phone number, birthday, e-mail address etc, I go here with a click - much faster than looking up my address book or diary. Reminders are excellent with the ability to personalise the wav sound which can be fun if you have the time. All in all top class software. Price: Free
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UK`s Kalender UK`s Kalender

I have tried only one better than this 4 stars
Impressive to say the least considering that it's free. However, I can't help comparing it with another free program - Essential PIM and Essential wins hands down. If UK Kalender had some extra features such as the ability to add an address book where you could add all your contacts details (name, address, birthdays, telephone numbers etc), I would certainly convert but in the meantime I will be staying loyal to Essential PIM. Price: Free
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