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Handy File Tool Handy File Tool

Pretty good 4 stars
Handy File Tool is a pretty good little free file manager. The only annoyance comes from an ad that pops up when you shut down the app, but it's not bad, they are just trying to get you interested in the shareware products. Overall it works well and is portable. Very useful to carry around with you to use on USB flash drives. Price: Free
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Res-O-Matic Res-O-Matic

Change screen resolution by application 5 stars
Res-O-Matic is an excellent application that can change the resolution of your screen before running an application. It does this by creating a special shortcut that does this before the application is run. This was an great solution for me and my wife as she prefers lower resolutions and I prefer the highest resolution I can get. This allowed peace to reign on the computer. Once you close the application that changed the resolution everything goes back to the way it was. It is very quick and simple to setup and once you have your shortcuts there is no extra setup. Price: Free
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HovText HovText

Hovtext should be standard on all computers 5 stars
In this world where so many people use special formatting, it is nice to have a handy little program like Hovtext to remove this formatting. It can be quite aggravating to paste some text into a document and have it change your formatting, but with Hovtext, that problem is gone forever. It is very easy to install and use and I have never found it to cause any problems. One of my favorite little freeware utilities. Price: Free
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