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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

Simple, fast, neat and complete! 5 stars
I am involved in the I.T. Industry and definitely recommend this free version of the Program, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, to my customers for removing Malware from their computer/laptops. As previous posters have said, it removes Malware that other Programs can`t. But, always use a second anti-malware program to make sure that your machine is thoroughly clean. If you wish for the extras, up grade to the paid for version. Price: Free
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RISING Antivirus Free Edition RISING Antivirus Free Edition

Updating problem and other things 2 stars
There is a problem when updating Rising AV. When doing an update, it disables itself for the duration of the update, setting off the warning Shield from Windows Security Center... Also, once installed it takes up over 173MBs of disk space; very bloated software. Price: Free
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Namu6 - Website Editor Namu6 - Website Editor

Perfect for me! 5 stars
My thanks to the 2 people who designed this program, and their company in New Zealand. I would never have the time , patience or expertise to do it in HTML. I looked at Frontpage and went ???? I designed my small business website, 3 pages, with photos, page links, website links, and an email address linked to my domain name. Besides being easy, it was fun. And if you ever want to change anything, as in your business address or phone number on the web, just do the alterations in the original file which is still on your computer, then publish it again, and it overwrites your website; TOO EASY. Mick Price: Free
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Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus

Putting it simply: the best anti-virus 5 stars
Avast is the best Anti-Virus I have used; and that includes paid for ones. Their website contains answers to any and ALL of your questions about the product, and if you wish to, to upgrade for business. What more can you ask for! Mick Price: Free
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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Deleting worms and trojans 3 stars
AVG is a good program, with ONE failing. If you put it on a computer already infected with Virues, Worms, etc; it will only attempt to heal infected files, not delete Worms, and Trojans. As a Blocking program it is good, but for cleaning an infected system, NO. Regards Mick Price: Free
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Eraser Eraser

System restore xp 2 stars
Heidi Eraser has one problem; it erases all System Restore points in XP when you do an unused disk space erase. And you can not change the settings to stop it doing that. I can put the long time it takes to erase, but for the above problem... Price: Free
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IECookiesView IECookiesView

Brilliant 5 stars
It is a fantastic, yet simple, program to use. It takes the hassle out of searching Windows folders to find which "cookies" that you need to keep to make your computer work faster. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Price: Free
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