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SubMagic SubMagic

Buggy 2 stars
First impression on Windows 8.1 machine: Movie play: no Pause/Stop button. Annoying button-hiding timer in bottom right corner. No sound if you can't hear it, you can't (re)edit it. I am sorry that my first impression is not very positive. Price: Free
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Didn't work for me... 2 stars
I tried AVIAddXSubs.exe on a Xvid-mp3-avi movie with a duration of 1:47, 1,39 Gb in size, and several (7) srt-subs. This according to the instructions + + etc... Maybe I still did something wrong, but viewing the movie in movie viewers (Media Player Classic, VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player) gave: zero results (even with only 1 srt-file with the same name as the movie file). The same files, as external srts, load perfectly in this movie with the aforementioned viewers. I'm not asking for anything too fancy. Just: "read all the srt-files from movie dir and burn them into the movie container without having to recompile the movie (streamcopy)". Price: Free
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DVD Flick DVD Flick

Just a few remarks... 4 stars
A good program to put together the DVD AUDIOTS + VIDEOTS folders needed on a DVD-video. And to make a DVD ISO image of that. As long as your input consists of 1 movie file. Else: video-audio sync conflicts on the resulting DVD. To prevent this sync problem, you could join movies, images, sound and effects in 1 new movie with e.g. 'ffdiaporama', save it as mpeg2, import it in DVD Flick, create the movie DVD (with streamcopy even...) and burn it seperately with e.g. 'imgBurn'. Price: Free
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ffDiaporama ffDiaporama

Nice slideshow and movie presentation tool 4 stars
You can not only throw in images and sound, but also video. And save the combination of all those things + transitions and text to a new movie file (mpeg2, mp4 etc) of good quality. Price: Free
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Avidemux Avidemux

Good for basic editing 3 stars
Avidemux could use a few more codecs. A (few) transition filters and easy movie begin and end titles would make it as good as complete to me. Accepts the most common codecs and you can save your movie as e.g. mpeg2-PS(vob), which makes burning a video DVD afterwards (with another app) easier. Price: Free
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VidCoder VidCoder

Good 4 stars
The mp4-settings you need. Conversion at reasonable speed. Price: Free
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K-Lite Codec Pack (Full) K-Lite Codec Pack (Full)

Fulfills your codec needs 4 stars
Just don't worry too much any longer about viewing video and listening to audio in any codec. (And let's hope not too many codecs are invented any longer so life and virtual life stay comprehensible ;-) The included Media Player Classic has, again, advantages on the Windows Movie Player. Price: Free
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IrfanView IrfanView

My all time favorite ... 5 stars
... since it came into existence in the mid-nineties. I'm not saying it can't use a few improvements, but I am saying that e.g. Microsoft, all these years, hasn't been able te convince me of any other, better, platform-specific image-viewer/handler. Works on any Windows system (don't know though if IrfanView is ready for Windows mobile devices as I don't use those). Price: Free
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1by1 1by1

Lightweight, fast, efficient 4 stars
Always opens mp3 files in an explorerlike pane. The quality of the sound is good. And you can set it. My preferred one for listening to music and selecting music files on Windows. Price: Free
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Notepad ++ Notepad ++

Very good, but... 4 stars
I like Notepad++'s speed and the coloring of the same search term for a whole text. But I experience problems with its file saving management between Windows 32bits and 64 bits systems. At least I think that that is the problem. When I write file data (standard text in UTF 8) to an external (NTFS) usb-drive on a Windows 32bits Vista computer and open the file from the same drive on a Windows 8.1 64bits system afterwards, the data are not in the file or they are partly there or partly scrambled. Price: Free
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Classic Shell Classic Shell

A must have... 5 stars
... on Windows 8 and on Windows 8.1 (Microsoft promised a decent Start Menu in that update but it's not what one would expect). Price: Free
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Google Chrome Google Chrome

All i know is... 4 stars
... I do most of my browsing with it these days (also on Android). Printing webpages (also a selected webpage part) to pdf is one of those very good features about the Chrome browser. Price: Free
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Thunderbird Thunderbird

The email client for all your email needs 4 stars
You can transfer all your data and settings to another computer. Splendid. Pop mail, imap mail, filters, folders, save mails as eml, save attachments and many other nice features. Aliases for a main email account are set as 'identities' under that account (don't create separate email accounts for aliases - that was a bit confusing at first but oh so clear afterwards). Everything is well explained in Mozilla Help and you receive regular updates. Price: Free
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FreeCommander XE FreeCommander XE

My preferred explorer 4 stars
Dual Pane View, decent synchronization and many other options... Offers what the default Windows Explorer lacks. A lot! Price: Free
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Opera Mail Opera Mail

Good attempt but 2 stars
Opera Mail, installs and reads well, but I have been having trouble with a few things: Export/import of single mails as eml, import/export of vcards of different vcard-version and especially as one file with several data (in UTF8 format e.g. so it confirms better with Android and others), saving/viewing mails from the Sent-folder to a certain label etc... Also had an issue with aliases and with 'double mails' (the same mail you receive twice or trice). The latter can be (un)set in the right top menu somewhere. More specific all-round settingspossibilities would make Opera Mail better. Price: Free
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It still exists! 4 stars
Some years ago I used to use the first beta-versions of this conversion-tool to a satisfactory level. It started up slowly though. And began hanging after a while. It still starts up rather slowly, but less. The conversion of video-files is still very good. These days I look especially at the XviD and H(x)264 codecs. I`ve compared SUPER to e.g. QMC (Quick Media Converter) and I always test avi-files with VirtualDub afterwards... SUPER does Super ,) Price: Free
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mp3DirectCut mp3DirectCut

Full and fast 3 stars
Pros: 1) Drag 'n drop. 2) Very fast. 3) Works on MP3 files directly. 4) Fade 5) Auto-cue feature which let's you split 1 large file in several smaller parts of equal size. 6) Several languages. etc... Cons: 1) Interface could be confusing at first with all the buttons. 2) Read the Help. Faster than Audacity for the tasks you usually do on an MP3 of which you don't want to change the existing quality or sound frequency (tasks as: cut, fade, ...). Better than Megamp3split because of the fading-possibility and because you can configure the way you save cuts more to your needs. Price: Free
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HotkeyP HotkeyP

Does the job 4 stars
Had a problem with hotkeys nog functioning any longer on Windows (XP/Vista, PC, Laptop, Netbook). This tiny app (with actually lots of features!) does the job very satisfactory. Pros: 1) No installation. Just unzip. 2) Doesn't demand too much of your PC when it is loading with your PC. 3) Ability to export/import the hotkey-file between computers. 4) Drag 'n drop. Price: Free
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Screamer Radio Screamer Radio

Scream for radio and you'll get radio ;-) 4 stars
You can use it to listen to online radio (paste e.g. an url with .pls extension in 'file'-'Url') and above all you can save online radio (to mp3-128-4.1 for most). After that I would advise 'MP3 Direct Cut' to chump things up a bit (for the MP3-player e.g.). It does it's job fine. Price: Free
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PDF-XChange Viewer PDF-XChange Viewer

Very handy extra to the default Adobe Reader 4 stars
PDF-XChange Viewer adds stuff to pdf-reading/editing that should be built into the Adobe Reader by default. For free! E.g. highlighting portions/words in big chunks of text and saving that to the pdf-file immediately. Students and others who want to mark the essentials will be very satisfied with that feature! + lots of other possibilities (haven't tried out all of them yet) Price: Free
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Lupas Rename Lupas Rename

It's a howling wolf ;-) 5 stars
Does it say 'excellent'? I guess so. Works as well on WindowsVista as on WindowsXP and WindowsWhatever. Price: Free
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Media Tagger Media Tagger

Did i say excellent again? 5 stars
The best one you can find on the freeware market and on some other market whenever you want to clearly edit your WMA/MP3-tags/files. Just does the job as the job should be done. Price: Free
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