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ZipGenius ZipGenius

I found this to be the best of the bunch... 4 stars
Unlike the other freeware compression tools I tried, this one works from the shell menu as claimed! In my tests, 7-Zip edged ZipGenius for compression, but not as much as touted by so many disciples of 7-Zip; in fact, the difference is hardly worth discussing. But ZipGenius offers sooo many more usable features, like file-splitting and the ease of use (creates archives in two clicks of the mouse). Folks who like to compress files the long way, from the interface, still get the bells and whistles. Just set your files associations to ZipGenius and the rest is a piece of cake! The only thing I didn't like about ZipGenius is the fact that it does NOT create self-extracting executable files (*.exe). But then most of the others make the same claim and don't deliver. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Jun 11, 2006: Hello. ZipGenius DOES create self-extracting executables: open a ZIP file and press F7 (or "Make SFX" under the "Actions" menu): you will be able to choose a SFX module (we have also localized modules), to set as many options as you need or want, you can set a custom icon (XP icons are supported) and you can even compress the SFX module with UPX - if upx.exe is in ZG program folder - in order to make the SFX smaller. Try this and let me know ;-)

Quick Zip Quick Zip

This product is unfinished... 1 stars
The developer has some great ideas, like incorporating the use of your resident antiviral program (which requires knowledge of scripting parameters and therefore negates the feature...besides, it still has a bug!). The Explorer shell feature is a must for me, but again, I could not get it to work; and, I'm not a newbie, and not uncomfortable editing registry keys. I like QuickZip's potential. The utility unzips OK, but Joseph needs to finish building this otherwise well-conceived program. If somebody figures out how to actually create an archive from Win Explorer, please let me know. I just can't see the need to labor at using any software today. In the meantime, I'll use ZipGenius, which is nice. Hey, isn't SnapFiles a great site!? Price: Free
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