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Disk Cleaner Disk Cleaner

Very nice program! 5 stars
I've been using ccleaner for a year now and decided to give this a try. I did a comparison of the 2 of them and ccleaner said there was 10.4megs to clean and this said 10.7megs. Almost identical except this one is much smaller in size. If a program is good and the size is small then what more could you want? Two thumbs up. Price: Free
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RegSeeker RegSeeker

Fantastic! 5 stars
It's great with lots of neat tools as well. Get it now! Price: Free
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Miranda IM Miranda IM

By far the best there is! 5 stars
It has a slight learning curve and not for the computer illiterate out there. Main download is barebone basically and you add what you want from there. I have gmail notifier plugged in and the weather and popups by system tray as well as a nice female voice when messages or email arrive or users change status. Also I added my own picture for the contact list of a beautiful woman! It's small and fast and you can customize it just they way you want. It also boasts support for aim and yahoo and google, irc, icq etc... If you're sick of dealing with generic IMs like trillian and windows messenger than gives this a try, but be prepared to spend a good couple hours to set it all up the way you want. In the long run it is way worth it. Thanx Miranda. Price: Free
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IrfanView IrfanView

This thing is garbage!! 2 stars
Way too many options and configurability. It gets confusing quick and your head starts to hurt. Especially when you just want to do something simple like adjust the brightness. It gives you a thumbnail view of the pic before the adjustment and after, but the thumbnail preview is soooo small that you really can't tell the change on the fly. Please go and get Picasa by google as it is the best for most needs and easy as pie for the beginners as well. I tried to email a pic with Irfan and it said to get the plugin and then after i got the plugin, it told me to configure my smtp!?! What? Most people don't even know what SMTP is let alone know how to adjust it. And yes for the record I do know how to setup my smtp, but why should I? I just wanted to email a picture, not make a full days event out of it!!! Seriously, this thing is ugly and way too busy and you would do much better trying Picasa. Price: Free
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Wallpaper Master Wallpaper Master

Very good program. why is it free? 5 stars
Just add the pics you want and set the time delay and it will play them as wallpaper at the set interval. The only gripe I have so far is that I can't seem to stretch all pics as the default way of viewing. However, this is easy enough to fix when you spot a pic that is tile etc... but should be full screen. Basically, I am quite impressed and it seems to do the job good with no issues. Price: Free
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XP-AntiSpy XP-AntiSpy

Sure, why not? 4 stars
It's ok I guess. Haven't had any issues and very simple to turn things on and off. Try it out and see for yourself, it's tiny too in case you didn't notice Price: Free
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Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

Don't bother! 1 stars
I had the pro version. The ad-block feature did nothing but pop up all the time telling me that some program I was installing was trying to change or add something to the registry. I know that you idiots! I'm the one installing them. Gimme a break! I did scans all the time and it never found anything. Spybot found stuff and so did A-Squared, but this, nothing. Why waste your computers resources and and slow down important scans like your anti-virus due to this bloatware when it doesn't do a thing. Come on people. Wake up. AVAST and Spybot and Spywareblaster is all any computer needs. The rest, and I've tried them all, are a waste of time and resources! Price: Free
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Restoration Restoration

Garbage! just doesn't work! 1 stars
I tried an experiment and deleted some music files. I used the program and tried to recover the songs and it apparently did so, but when I went to play them back, they were all screwed up. It was just garbled up noise. Beeps and screeching and not one of the songs was recovered in a playable state. In other words, it is useless! If it can't even recover a song, how can you try to recover anything else. Sorry, but this is crap! Price: Free
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MP3Gain MP3Gain

Wow! unbelieveable, get it now! 5 stars
It was a breeze to install. Very simple to use. I had one issue I was unclear on and the Author, Mr. Glen Sawyer returned my email within minutes and straightened the problem out. I am using DB Poweramp (The Best) and some files were loud and some faint, (a common download issue/different bitrates, etc..) but with this and a test of over forty songs, I can assure you that this program keeps ALL songs at the perfect volume or can be modified individually, great when you have certain songs that just have to be rockin' loud! Absolutely beautiful and WELL worth a donation. I don't normally give good reviews, as you can see from viewing my review history, but this product just warrants it. Get it now! You won't regret it! Price: Free
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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

Don't unless u want to lose speed and...!!! 3 stars
Sorry, I am still on dialup (still the majority) believe it or not, and anyway I noticed a big speed difference between the 1.5 vs and the 1.5.01! Believe me, every step that firefox makes to make it self more stable and impervious to attacks takes resources and slows it down. I am thinking of reverting or rolling back to vs 1.0.7. Thats no joke. It was fine b4. I dont know what the hell they r doing now, but it aint working. Too much protection is just overkill. Stick with the version you got now and be HAPPY! Fast and stable. Not too mention how each version is stated to be quicker, but I beg to differ and would argue it with the developers themselves! They wouldn't go there. So I just went back to vs 1.5 and guess what? My surfing is quicker again! Love it. Go with the newest version if you want. goodluck Price: Free
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Rainlendar Lite Rainlendar Lite

Very excellent product 5 stars
This program is great. I love how u can push the calendar back or forth with the arrow buttons. I no longer use it as i now use the VISTA TRANSFORMATION PACK which uses LCLOCK which is really cool and does the same things, however, for those with slow computers or little ram, u certainly can't go wrong! Overall, i rate this a 9 out of 10. Price: Free
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RamBooster RamBooster

Look no further, unless u want yo pay for one 5 stars
Well, i have tried sooooo many, and this one just works and works very well! I also have the pro version of clevercache but actually thought this one worked better and is free. What more could u ask for? Just try it and u will see. it really is a good piece of software and u wont be disappointed. Two(2) thumbs way, way up! Price: Free
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Skype Skype

This program is truly amazing. 5 stars
Well i will make this brief. I got sick of trying to talk on audio chat with msn messenger and trillian pro as they both sucked on my dial-up so i gave this a try. WOW, what more can i say. Nice gui, simple as apple pie and WORKS like a dream! If u dont get this then it is your loss. Price: Free
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