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Koma-Mail Koma-Mail

Not ready for prime time 2 stars
The filters available on it are wholly inadequate. All you can filter for are from-address, word in body, and the mysterious "received with." There is no auto-delete function, but only: Answer, Move, Mark as Read. Even with the language set to English, some things are still in German (what does Abbrechen mean? Schliessen?), and misspelled English (Shurtcut, Startmenu, Default-Mailclient). The tips suggest you press Strg-Del key. What is the Strg key? Ctrl? Alt? Shift? There is no way to enter the program without entering a password for one of your accounts. Koma-Mail could turn out to be useful, and the interface is pretty clean, but it's in toddler stage. I'd go with PortableThunderbird or something else, if you use Koma-Mail because it fits on a memory stick. Price: Free
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Thunderbird Thunderbird

Thunderbird good, but... 3 stars
It stinks if you want to brand your emails with a background JPEG and signature. It's too hard. You should be able to: - Create multiple templates/signatures - Pick a default template for each email account, or each domain name - Click Write and auto-use the default template - Have option to use a special forwarding template for fwded emails You shouldn't have to add the template folder by hand, nor double-click on the template to create a new email, nor copy forwards to new emails. My perfect email program: - Does the above - Tames the inbox, like Thunderbird - Can specify the folder to store the mail - Can attach other mail files, like Outlook - Can run from USB memory card, like PortableThunderbird - When running via USB, downloads a copy from the mail server (does not delete) - Saves the email file(s) in encrypted format Price: Free
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