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ZoneAlarm Free ZoneAlarm Free

Problems with new version 2 stars
The old version worked great, but when i updated to the new version, it started making my pc freeze up and slowed my pc down to the point that i had to manually shut my pc down. when i restarted my pc, it froze up again, finally i was able to access my pc, and try to find out what was happening, and to find some type of remedy to this problem, but after a few pages of searching the net, it wouldn't allow pages to open. at first i thought it was a virus or some type of spyware/malware program in my pc, but it was not anything on my pc, but the za firewall itself. i removed it from my system, and have not had any problems since, also, i have installed a much better firewall, that doesn't cause any of these problems. sure it's a great firewall, but only the earlier version, the newer version is the worst thing that i ever had on my pc. if you can dl the old version, do it, but NEVER dl the updated version. Price: Free
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