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Yahoo! Messenger Yahoo! Messenger

More bloat for your buck! 2 stars
Download: 8MB, Install: 26MB, RAM: 31MB. Uninstalling quickly: Priceless. ... But seriously now, those are real stats. Yahoo all by itself takes 31MB of your resources just to run (idle!). Add in that it's only for one protocol, they keep adding "features" which I admit are cute, but really are not required. They have these audio emotes which are fun.. the first time. Then I just wanted to turn them off. They had other little games and stuff, nothing that had much to do with communication and instant messaging. Lots of clutter, lots of stuff that gets in your way. Companies gotta learn not to overwhelm their users with features before they are ready to use them. Price: Free
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Miranda IM Miranda IM

Ready for plug-ins! 4 stars
This is a nice little program, very little. Only about 1MB in size, installs in under 2MB and only uses 5MB of your RAM when you run it which is about 7MB less than anything else I've tried). This program is made for people to customize it by adding plug-ins to it. I'd have to say, though, that the starting product is very barren, too stripped down if you ask me. Though if you are willing to spend a little time, you can surf through Miranda's site and download plugins for the client. Then you can add what you like, keep out what you don't. This program has the potential of being the best on Windows, if you can spend enough time installing good plug-ins that is. Price: Free
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