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PSPad Editor PSPad Editor

A terrific effort, but... 2 stars
I had high hopes for this editor: macro support, on-board FTP. Homesite has not aged well, so I figured a change was in order. Disappointingly, the macro and clips interfaces are not intuitive. Keyboard shortcuts for common tasks, in my opinion the most important feature, work only sporadically, and I have yet to find a consistent pattern. If you have more than five macros, forget it! Clips appear to be dependent on what "highlighter" is in force, but even that's not reliable. The clipboard throws exception errors five times out of ten. The help files are woefully inadequate. A terrific effort, but definitely NOT ready for prime-time. Price: Free
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FileHamster Lite FileHamster Lite

Are you a developer? you need this tool. 5 stars
By far the most useful utility I've downloaded since I started my current project two years ago. I have had no issues with it - running on both Windows XP Pro and Windows Server 2003 - and it has saved me hours of work by giving me the ability to recover older versions of changed files. Price: Free
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WebFormDesigner WebFormDesigner

I really wanted to like this one... 2 stars
The code it creates is horribly bloated, full of positioning code and font code and divs and spans and .... good Lord... it would take me longer to FIX the code it creates than to write my forms longhand. Admittedly what I was looking for was a WYSIWYG editor that could create forms in a table: label - textbox, label - textbox. It just doesn't fit. Price: Free
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WinMerge WinMerge

Don't know how i ever worked without it! 5 stars
When you've got an application on multiple servers - say, development and production - being able to move line item changes or entire files, knowing exactly what you're moving, is priceless! Price: Free
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