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HotKeys HotKeys

Small, effective, and flexible. 4 stars
Just what the title says--it is a small file size, it's straight-forward, and very configurable. My only complaint is the memory footprint--on my system, it uses almost 8MB when just residing in the background. It's not a lot to some people, but it seems a little much for the task it performs. Price: Free
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AnalogX FastCache AnalogX FastCache

Great! you've just gotta use it right.. 5 stars
This program is extremely useful for me, as I'm connecting over satellite (1200ms packet-time average to anything, yecgh!). FastCache shaved at least a second off my time, *each time* I pull a page. Problems? Not really. You've just got to be smart with the configuration. For example, *before* changing anything, I used ipconfig /all to find my current DNS servers, and saved that for later note. Next, I installed FastCache and changed my TCP/IP's *first* DNS address to (for FastCache), and set my *second(alternate)* DNS to one of the current DNS servers I'm using (remember the addressed I found from 'ipconfig /all'?). This ensures that you'll still pull pages even if FastCache isn't working right off the bat. For me, it didn't work right away. But after 10-20 pages loads later, it started caching without a hitch. Great program! Price: Free
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