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Amic Email Backup Amic Email Backup

Nice programm but not allways stable 5 stars
I love the very nice, straightforward and easy to use interface. I used Amic Email Backup with Outlook 2003 on my WinXP Pro machine. I made backups by hand and also automated. It was also possible to restore the backups. Sometimes Amic Email Backup had some strange behaviors. When it's doing it's job I see several Amic icons appearing in my system tray, but the backups went fine. When Outlook is active, Amic Email Backup reports this. You can choose to "Close All" (Outlook and some other Outlook modules). When I did that, Amic Email Backup crashed with numerous error messages which I had to click away. Opening the Amic website with the link provided by the Programm, caused another crash with many error messages. As I said, a nice and easy to use program, but not always stable. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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The software developer responded to this review on Mar 02, 2009: Thanks for the comments, we are diligent about finding any bugs in the software and will be looking into your specific experience. Thank you Support

Shrink Pic Shrink Pic

Great for my family 5 stars
I don't know how often I had to help my Family members to shrink and send pictures by e-mail. Very often and they keep forgetting what to do :-( Now they can send their pictures without my help with Shrink Pic! Great program and easy to use. It's a pity though that Shrink Pic doesn't automatically starts with Windows on my computer. I check the "Launch on startup" menu-entry, but it doesn't work. No startup-entry is written in the registry or in the startup folder. Now I only have to help with starting up Shrink Pic. That saves already a lot of time :-) Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Jun 14, 2006: Hi, Thanks for your kind input. On the computers I ve checked it does start up automatically, but be sure I ll see why it doesn t startup properly on your computer - and I ll fix it. Amir OnTheGoSoft

TrueCrypt TrueCrypt

Works like a dream! 5 stars
I am using Truecrypt for a long time now and it's working like a dream! It's fast, stable and very reliable. It's an advantage when you're familiar with the command line parameters. Price: Free
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The Form Letter Machine The Form Letter Machine

Good idea this program. the interface looks o ... 3 stars
Good idea this program. The interface looks outdated, but the program does wat it promises to do. With a few clicks you can put your mail or letter together. Making the templates is easy when you read the online helpfile. It's a pity that it doesn't support text-formatting like bold, italics, etc... The nagscreen is annoying. It can only be removed when you register. Price: Free
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NetSetMan NetSetMan

Nice and easy to use 5 stars
I was looking for a simple program with which I could switch between a few networks. This is it! With one click I can change on the fly the most important settings like Workgroup, Domain and IP-addresses. No restart needed! It is not possible to change settings like SMTP, Firewall, etc... If you want that too, you have to look further. Price: Free
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