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Notes4Outlook Notes4Outlook

Good concept, not so great implemenation 3 stars
The software does not stay linked with e-mail. I have to categorizes my e-mails into folders and the note does not stay with the e-mail once moved (maybe other situations but move is the biggie for me). Secondly, there is no way to stop it from changing my flag colors, I hate that, just b/c I have a note does not mean I want the flag color changed, even the no flag was changing my flags, no other settings that I saw. The notes are slow to appear. The notes do not stay where placed spot I have four monitors on my box and the note appears way on the other side, apparently no way to change this I have moved it and goes right back to the original spot. Need to find a way to have your own column and put your icon in there for "has notes", I have seen done on other add-ins. All-in-all is a good concept, fix these "problems" and I will be back, otherwise, it is useless to me. Price: Free Trial ($59.99)
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