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Radio? Sure! Radio? Sure!

Best of breed 5 stars
Small non-install footprint, low on resources and very stable. Huge selection of stations that can be designated as favorites by groups in the favorite list. Of course radio connection quality is dependent on radio web sites,pc configurations ,routers,etc. Very dreary looking default gui, however this along with gui size can be upgraded to fantastic interfaces by the various (easiest ever to install) free skins available! And of course there are many other options including recording which all work flawlessly. In summary for Free, it doesn't get any better than this radio program. Price: Free
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Quero Toolbar Quero Toolbar

Great toolbar 5 stars
Totally agree with everything the previous two reviewers have said. Price: Free
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MuralPix MuralPix

Simply the best 5 stars
Relatively small footprint,easy on system resources,very stable and easy to use on the default settings. Basically this takes any wallpaper and frames it in an corresponding pattern,color,etc. Even an unattractive wallpaper will look good using this. As a changer it is superb with many options. Price: Free
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RockXP RockXP

Interesting. 4 stars
Tiny footprint and no install. Program performs exactly as stated. As a side note I've used this program to test various security programs to see if it would trigger any kind of alert and/or notification. Interesting results! Price: Free
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Easiest of the bunch. 4 stars
Small to medium footprint,stable and virtually no system resource usage. Out of all the icon applications this one I found to be the easiest to use thanks to the very good help file. Price: Free Trial ($29.99)
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Simplicity 4 stars
Tiny and no install needed. Erases disks and burns iso images period. Has various writing speeds. Nothing fancy but works great most of the time. A burner that anyone can feel comfortable using. Price: Free
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TakeStock TakeStock

Best of breed, free or shareware! 5 stars
Been using this application since day one. No install needed,virtually no system resource usage and rock solid stability. A very well written program even from its first version. Logically laid out and extremely easy to use. Every feature a person could need on a application such as this is incorporated. As a bonus since no install needed data can be easily transfered to multiple pc's or on a usb flash player. Price: Free
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BartPE BartPE

One of the greatest programs. 5 stars
Not easy to assemble. Not easy to learn. Not easy to navigate. However with various plugins installed, no program can do a better job for trouble shooting,making backup images,emergency internet browsing,etc.. Think of this as Linux but in a windows environment. Price: Free
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KillProcess KillProcess

Powerful 4 stars
Medium footprint,stable and low system resource usage. Does what it says and does it well. Along with being able to terminate processes it has the ability to resurrect. Found that this program is able to kill processes that all other free task managers could not. And of course those other task manager programs were far superior to the windows application! Price: Free
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Web Replay Free Web Replay Free

Slight edge on competitor. 4 stars
Tried the free version which is limited to ten passwords. The footprint is medium in size and is easy on the system resources. Stability was adequate. The program comes with toolbar and/or taskbar icon. The slight edge I give is for two things. One, the program comes complete with install on harddrive and/or usb. Two, you can have the program perform a sort of scripting whereas it will record your login sequence. That is to say if you need to log into a site using more than one login page then it will accomplish this. After wards giving you one click access to that site. Security seems to be very good. And the toolbar is not cluttered. The one thing I didn't like about program is after a uninstall it will leave traces all over the pc! Price: Free
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Returnil Virtual System 2008 Premium Edition Returnil Virtual System 2008 Premium Edition

One of two of the best. 5 stars
Returnil offers this software for free now on their website. Footprint is small,system resource usage is minimal and stability doesn't seem to be an issue. Very clean install and uninstalls. Performs perfectly in the virtual mode. It protects the main system partition only. Noticed no leakage of data,files,etc.. Also now the virtual mode can be activated without a reboot. There is also an independent virtual drive that can be mounted on reboot to store items to save while in the virtual mode. However I have noticed that the virtual drive plays havoc on the system defrag in terms of fragmented files. I didn't look into this thoroughly though because the software worked perfectly without it plus I already have a separate partition for storage. Price: Free Trial ($26.95)
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Dariks Boot and Nuke (DBAN) Dariks Boot and Nuke (DBAN)

Does the job 4 stars
Cleans the hard drive thoroughly and performs the operation very fast. Price: Free
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DriveImage XML (Private Edition) DriveImage XML (Private Edition)

The best of its kind, free or shareware. 5 stars
Have been using this off and on for awhile now. It is very stable,small footprint and resource friendly. This program really shines when coupled with a live cd application. If your only running one operating system on your hard drive you can format your partition and restore your entire exact system from the live disk! Otherwise you would do the same thing without a live disk if your running multiple operating systems. Of course like any other program that performs complex operations you should read the help files first. Price: Free
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Gmail Drive Gmail Drive

Just a direct upload to gmail account. 2 stars
I've been using this for almost a year now. You use to be able to upload and download files directly through your gdrive. However now it only works for uploading. If you want to retrieve files you have to log into your gmail account. In summary I'd have to say that it is easier than emailing an attachment and does provide for a convenient storage area. Price: Free
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ServiWin ServiWin

Excellent for what it is. 5 stars
The very quickest way to be able to see all drivers and services on a pc on two panels. No install necessary and it provides a multitude of information,i.e. version info,startups,dependencies,etc. along with being able to pause,stop,disable,boot,etc. Price: Free
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MyDefrag MyDefrag

Fast 4 stars
I started using this on my Vista machine after I read an independent test report that pitted this against most of the other free defrag applications but also the major shareware ones. To the testers surprise this application proved to be better than most of all the other applications! Aside from this the application is not very pretty but needs no installation,works very well on vista and xp and is extremely fast. Price: Free
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Daphne Daphne

Quirky 2 stars
First impression is that this program is very nice and thorough. However after you use it awhile you discover things about it that are not so nice. For example I could not get the hot keys to work consistently no matter what combination! Next I noticed that the apply button for the specific settings would not work! Note: I uninstalled this and reinstalled and still the same results. Price: Free
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ieSpell ieSpell

Excellent 5 stars
Medium footprint,little to no system resource usage,very easy and convenient to use and now very stable. Works well on Vista too. Price: Free
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Androsa FileProtector Androsa FileProtector

Very good 4 stars
Small footprint,uses very little resources,seems stable,very easy to use and is one of the very few that works well with Vista! Price: Free
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Best and easiest boot manager 5 stars
Easy install and small footprint. Excellent boot manager for Vista,Linux,XP,etc. Easy to configure and has excellent help files.Used it to configure 3 operating systems on one pc. Note: You naturally have to know what your doing when configuring for multiple operating systems especially Vista and Linux. Price: Free
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ThreatFire ThreatFire

Under-rated 4 stars
Medium footprint,uses very little system resources,and very stable. Have been using this for months now. It is totally unobtrusive and is probably one of the best preventative security applications one could have. In independent testing along with my own; it has beaten out most anti-spyware applications free or paid! Additionally the application needs no constant updating. I would gladly give this program a 5 rating across the board except for its lack luster interface and no bell or whistles features panel. But the bottom line should be "who cares",because what the application does is protect and that it does extremely well! Price: Free
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AM-DeadLink AM-DeadLink

Best of breed 4 stars
Small footprint,easy on system resources and stable. Very easy to use. This program I found to be the best of its kind out of many I tested throughout the web. However it is not perfect so double check bad links when it finds one. Price: Free
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PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition

Bloated 2 stars
Very large footprint as compared to similar applications,excessive system resource usage while scanning or not! Relatively speedy scanning but base file seems small,as compared to others. Can't verify the effectiveness of the protection but for the processing power used by this program in its general protection mode I would not recommend this application. Price: Free
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Link200 Link200

Erratic 2 stars
Small footprint,slow scanning and rather high system resource usage for a program like this! My experience with this program was a constant stop and start process or just stop period? Many times I had to use my task manager to shut it down. I have tried similar programs with no issues so I do not believe it's my pc. The bottom line is there are better free programs like this out there. Price: Free
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TypingTutor TypingTutor

You will learn to type. 3 stars
The most demanding typing program that I have ever tried and I have tried at least a dozen! This program will not let you proceed through the lessons unless you score almost perfect on the lesson your on and also acknowledge your progress report before starting another lesson. No jumping around allowed with this program! Additionally the program tells you if your too slow,too inaccurate,etc. The program is excellent for giving you a detailed feedback on all aspects of your progress along with how many hours a day you must practice. Note: there is a misprint on one of the keyboard graphics whereas the y and z keys are misplaced. In summary this is as close to having a real person (a very stern one at that) right there teaching you. Price: Free
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Free Registry Defrag Free Registry Defrag

Very good so far. 4 stars
Nice to have an analysis before deciding to defrag or not. The program does perform a quick analysis and defrag. Have used this a few times on a couple of pc's with no issues resulting from. I feel what makes this a standout as compared to other defrag programs is its clean interface and analysis function. Price: Free
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Eusing Internet Window Washer Eusing Internet Window Washer

Could be best of breed? however! 4 stars
Small footprint and low memory usage. Very thorough and easily understandable cleanings. Well laid out panels with many options. Additionally this program contains an option that most freeware and shareware cleaning programs do not have and that is automatic cleaning at various time intervals,i.e. every 15min.,30min.,etc. In summary overall this is a very nice program. However,whenever this application is started you will always be presented with a obtrusive donation nag screen which you have to click on! No way to disable this without paying the $15.00 donation. Price: Free
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Ping Plotter 1 Ping Plotter 1

Simplicity 3 stars
Tiny footprint and low system resource usage. This program just does traceroutes and displays a nice simple graph and line item details for each hop. Very easily understandable results. Price: Free
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3d Traceroute 3d Traceroute

Complete network tool. 4 stars
No install needed, moderate system resource usage and sound! Fast executions. An entire network application for debugging,etc. Has traceroute,dns lookups,port scanning, telnet client,e-mail header analyzer,etc. Note: simple traceroutes can be shown in 3d or in a regular panel list. Price: Free
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AcronymGenie AcronymGenie

Good instructional/reference software 4 stars
Small footprint,stable and very little system resource usage. Basically the program is a list of all the various internet and computer acronyms. Additionally the program contains a long list of internet expressions and emotions which is great for someone just learning e-mail,messaging,etc. Price: Free
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RootkitRevealer RootkitRevealer

From a trusted software developer. 3 stars
Tiny footprint and no install needed. Scan is fast and from what I tested accurate. However as has been said you have to know what the results mean! It does come with a help file though. Price: Free
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Software Collector Software Collector

Ok only. 2 stars
Not much to say about this application except that it's another piece of software to keep track of other software. It's a good idea except for the fact that you always have to keep inputting data into a piece of software instead of just using word or notepad. Price: Free
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Moffsoft FreeCalc Moffsoft FreeCalc

One of the best. 5 stars
Tiny footprint,low system resource usage and very stable. One of two of the best free tape less calculator software applications. This one also comes in a shareware version which adds a ton of extra features. Price: Free
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Rain Alerts Rain Alerts

Accurate/inaccurate sometimes. 2 stars
Small footprint,some system resource usage. Found that temperatures are anywhere from 0 to 19 degrees off! Price: Free
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DTaskManager DTaskManager

A very good task manager. 4 stars
Small footprint,low on system resources and comes up a lot quicker than windows task manager. Additionally no install needed. Far superior to the windows task manager with extensive informational panels. One quirk as stated previously is the fact that the panel is not resizable? Price: Free
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Browster Browster

Great idea! 3 stars
Not much system resource usage and it does not slow down nor interfere with browsing the net. Works great on all searches. The only but major issue I and others I know have had is in the program stability. Otherwise I would have rated this an overall of 5. Price: Free
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Xecrets File Classic Xecrets File Classic

Best of breed. 5 stars
Small footprint,low system resource usage and very stable. Convenient and simple to use. Thoughtfully laid out via drop down context menus. For encryption you couldn't ask for an easier application to use for your pc and for sending files or documents. Price: Free
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OverDisk OverDisk

Unique 3 stars
Small footprint and very little system resource usage. Very unique pie chart style design. Your able to explore every directory and file within each drive/partition. However what baffles me is the way the information is presented! Instead of being laid out in a summary type way you have to mouse over each and every section. Additionally being beta there is virtually no help file. Price: Free
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JDiskReport JDiskReport

Best of breed 4 stars
Relatively small footprint,stable and very easy on system resources. This program,unlike some others,gives very precise detailed system information that is easy to understand. It displayed files that I thought were long gone but were still on my system taking up space! Price: Free
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Site Popper Site Popper

Almost up to the minute. 4 stars
Small footprint,low memory usage and appears stable. This program will give you almost up to the minute scrolling news,weather,sports,etc. presented by the top news organizations. Most are updated within a 5 to 20 minute timeframe of the present time! Price: Free
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Firefly Internet Phone Firefly Internet Phone

Very stable 4 stars
The unit has a nice simplified interface. The software itself doesn't seem to use a lot of system resources. The connections are always reliable with no voice breakups. The only con was the lengthy registration process. Also when talking to friends I did experience low volume no matter how much I adjusted. And I and my friends did experience echo/feedback. Price: Free
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Yahoo! Messenger Yahoo! Messenger

Definitely a resource hog. 4 stars
Rather large footprint,bloated and as I said not easy on the system resources.It has an octopus like layout whereas its features expand everywhere! All that being said it has more features then anyone could possibly want. All the features seem very well done and the program itself is stable. Additionally it does have very good to excellent voice call quality. In conclusion it's amazing how Yahoo was able to put everything together and still keep performance and stability! Price: Free
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Social Entertainment Network Social Entertainment Network

Why have it? 2 stars
I honestly don't understand the reason behind this program in this day and age with all the web based social networks? What this amounts to is a big chat room that uses your system resources! On top of that it's not really even a chat room but more of a dating network with a very small clientele base. Price: Free
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Spider Player Pro Spider Player Pro

Simplicity 4 stars
Relatively small footprint and easy on system resources. Seems very stable. Straightforward, logical layout makes it super easy to use. Plays many different formats. All main controls are either right on the front panel or in one simple dropdown menu. Price: Free
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Skype Skype

Variable voice! 2 stars
Rather large footprint but moderate system resource usage. Pretty straightforward interface. Relatively easy to use. However voice quality is poor to good only. Stability while on a call is very intermittent. Price: Free
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Google Talk Google Talk

Best voice quality so far 4 stars
Small in size,relatively easy on the system resources,logical layout,easy to install and compact interface. Voice quality is good to excellent. The program itself seems very stable. And connection stability while talking is good to excellent. Price: Free
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Back4Win Back4Win

Very logical 4 stars
Have tried a bunch of these free backup programs. This one I find to be the best because of its small size,layout,logical operation and ease of use. There were some issues I did have on the restore, however, I don't know if it was me or the program? That being said I still like this program. Price: Free
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SUPERAntiSpyware Free SUPERAntiSpyware Free

Slow scanning 3 stars
The application has a medium footprint and doesn't take up many system resources. It has a pretty straightforward interface which is easy to navigate. However its scanning capabilities are the slowest that I have yet to encounter as compared to a dozen or so other anti-spyware and anti-trojan programs I have used! Price: Free
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EZ Checker EZ Checker

Not useful today 2 stars
Small install. Works only intermittently and not at all on some web based accounts. There are more free programs out now that are far superior. Price: Free
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Atmosphere Deluxe Atmosphere Deluxe

Excellent, but 5 stars
Probably the finest sound generating program out there. More features then you could ever want. Sounds are full and dynamic. Different environments are virtually unlimited. Along with rolling scenes on your desktop. Additionally the program lets you create your own scenarios of environments,music,etc. To summarize: this is like an entire recording studio with visuals! However being as complete as it is comes with a system resource price. The program is almost 70mb when installed. And it does take an enormous amount of system memory. Price: Free Trial ($30.00)
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