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Dexpot Dexpot

Well done 5 stars
This software uses little memory, is stable, and is really well designed. It has so many options that it could have been confusing - but it is not. The user interface is very intuitive if you just give it 5 to 10 min to play with at first. A big thanks to the developer. [If you're using Dexpot you might be someone that runs a lot of apps at the same time. If so, take a look at an app called "Synergy" (also on Snapfiles) which allows you to work across multiple computers.] Price: Free
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JPEGcrop JPEGcrop

Nice tool that still fills a need 5 stars
Well it's 2006, 2+ years after this was released, and it is still the only freeware that I know of that does compressionless saves of JPG's. Every other tool I've tried reduces the quality regardless of how it's set. At a minimum other tools will reduce the number of unique colors each time a JPG is saved. It's subtle but it happens. This tool allows you to edit a JPG without losing any quality or increasing the size. Without this tool the only other way to get compressionless image crops is to save in TIF, BMP or other like formats that expand the image size 10 times. Price: Free
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Synergy Synergy

An essential utility 5 stars
I have several computers on the same desk and before Synergy I had a mouse and keyboard for each one. Once you get it setup it's stable and runs smooth, using a minimum of resources. The instructions are marginal at best and the setup requires patience...but it is well worth it. Synergy works fine using host/computer names or ip addresses. A big thanks to this developer. My desktop is uncluttered! Price: Free
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Unlocker Unlocker

A power user necessity 5 stars
Works like a charm. Gives you a choice of adding it to the "Send To" menu so your right click menu doesn't get cluttered. A newer version is available on their site that allows simultaneous multiple file unlocks. Also - a note to the user that says it tries to connect with a remote server/phone home: You can avoid that by deselecting "check for updates" on the install screen. Price: Free
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Corel AfterShot Pro Corel AfterShot Pro

Fantastic app 5 stars
Bibble seems to be mainly marketed as tool to adjust and convert RAW files to TIF's and JPG's. But it really does more than that. It's great for achieving fantastic control over the colors and tones of RAW files as well as other more basic image files like TIF's. The noise reduction engine, Noise Ninja, also produces wonderful results. In the end, the genius of the program is packing a lot of image control into a friendly and well laid out interface. Can't wait to see how they advance this app in the future. -mattware Price: Free Trial ($59.99)
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SizeMe SizeMe

Just one issue 4 stars
Nice way to optimize DVD's. Just one issue - It optimizes based on files. That means it'll move files out of directories and into the root directory when performing organized files become unorganized. Also you can't see that this has happened until you drag the compiliation into a burner program. There is a new version (2.0) that I have not used. Maybe it handles this issue differently. Still, an ok app if it's just a bunch of files you want to optimize. Price: Free
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FileZilla FileZilla

Handles hidden files 5 stars
Used LeechFtp for 6 years but I now need to manage hidden files (those that begin with a "."). FileZilla handles these as well as any normal file. Price: Free
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Mino Studio Gallery Mino Studio Gallery

Nice 5 stars
Before writing this review I evaluated 'Web Picture Creator' and 'Xibit.' Both are 5 star tools but, in my opinion, best used by those w/ some development skills like myself. Mino, however, is a better fit for my girlfriend who just wants to upload and share her pics. A better fit because I will not have to teach/explain much to get her comfortable w/ it. Mino can output a nice gallery with about 4 to 5 easy steps. Nice layout also. -mattware Price: Free
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DriveZ DriveZ

Easy 5 stars
Ok - it does exactly what it should. Many times I've needed just a plain old listing of my directories. Other apps add too much info or create separate files. DriveZ just puts the info to the clipboard so I can easily deal w/ the data as I please. I give it 5 stars for ease of use and purpose. -mattware Price: Free
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FileNote FileNote

Nice and simple 4 stars
I've used this for at least 4 years w/o any problems. If you download or have a lot of files that would be easier to remember w/ a text description this is a nice utility. I mark my images and exe's using this. All you do is right click from windows explorer & choose file note. It creates a txt file w/ the same name as your original file. If your dealing w/ thousands of files, searching for the content of a text file is easier than trying to find the right binary file. -mattware Price: Free
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