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POP Peeper POP Peeper

Problems using it with yahoo mail 3 stars
Yahoo Mail is my main e-mail account and I had high hopes POP Peeper would work with Yahoo. It likely used to work fine, until Yahoo recently altered their log-in... Up until a few weeks ago, you only ever needed your username and password to log-in to Yahoo Mail. But now, every so often, Yahoo requires you to pass a security check by requiring typing characters from a distorted image of characters. This is designed to thwart automated log-ins SUCH AS POP PEEPER USES for it to operate! I not only got some "Error" messages after attempted mail checks, but I could no longer log-in to Yahoo MANUALLY for the rest of one day! It's not POP Peeper's fault. Yahoo has sabotaged POP Peeper. I'm not too happy with Yahoo now. Hopefully, POP Peeper still works outside of Yahoo because it looks like a great program. Price: Free
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Avira Free Antivirus Avira Free Antivirus

Very dependable. superior to overrated avg 5 stars
I dumped my AVG when it let through some Trojans, and then was unable to heal them! I experimented with AntiVir which was able to detect the same Trojans in a scan AND REMOVE THEM. AVG is way overrated. The above scenario with AVG happened more than once. Avast! was another program I discovered could remove some trojans AVG could not. Although AntiVir is very effective, don't push your luck and feel "immune". If you land on a site trying to install viruses,deny access,then close the window and get out! Don't linger. I lingered once, despite a barrage of trojan attempts. AntiVir kept allowing me to "Deny Access". I foolishly clicked on something else on the bad site page. Finally a Trojan got through. I blame myself, not AntiVir. I wasn't using common sense, pushed my luck, and paid a price. Price: Free
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ArovaxShield ArovaxShield

Another arrow in a security quiver 4 stars
It does work to alert you when it detects attempted changes made on your pc.So far (I haven't had it long) it warned at times such as at a Windows update. Of course, I clicked "Allow". Presumably, if it detects changes to programs of a suspect kind it will detect those also. And it seems to get along well with other programs. I've noticed in general terms virtually no malware or viruses have been getting a toe hold anymore. My "combo" seems to be working well. Preventatives used also include Spybot's Tea Timer real time monitor, Spyware Guard, Spyware Blaster, MS Anti Spyware, NoScript (A Foxfire add-on), and then a bunch of scans I run for evidence my preventatives are preventing. I'm more secure now than ever before. I'm always clean for a change.What a relief! Price: Free
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SpywareBlaster SpywareBlaster

Finally! proof it works! 4 stars
Strong circumstantial evidence. I recently found 6 or 8 malware files, most of them ones I'd not encountered before: eg. Hitbox, TribalFusion, Doubleclick, Click2, Valueclick. A few days later I discovered my SB program I'd had for a week or two had not yet been enabled! Then I thought back to the many prior months I'd had SB running without having real proof it was protecting me. (I reinstalled SB just lately). Those mysterious new cookies, etc. I'd just found in a scan were new to me 'cause SB had evidently been "blasting" them all, before that time! They're all found on SB's list. No one program prevents or even scans and finds all malware all the time. I use SB as part of an arsenal. Don't rely on just one scan! Adaware misses stuff others find and vice versa. I have 4 (free) scans and 4 is not too many, as it's not uncommon for only 1 out of 4 scans to find something.It can be a different one each time! Price: Free
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Spybot  Search and Destroy (Free) Spybot Search and Destroy (Free)

Don't rely solely on spybot! 4 stars
I like this program, but no one program catches all malware. I use 4 free programs: Spybot, Adaware,A- Squared, and MS. Spybot finds stuff missed by others and vice Spybot misses tracking cookies from "Realnetworks" which you get if you use Realplayer.In fact of the 4, only Adaware nails it.This week MS found "VCatch" spyware, all 3 of the others missed!My A-Squared has found junk Adaware and Spybot missed. I don't have a specific example of malware Spybot found that others missed but I know it's occurred. The Moral: The more scan programs the better! For me, even 4 is not too many. Sometimes 3 out of 4 find nothing. and the 4th will nail something. And it can be a different 4th each time! I agree that MS deliberately allows certain tracking cookies through. Don't forget, MS itself installs t.cookies on occasion.I recently got an MSN cookie after browsing MSN radio stations. I think Spybot nailed it. Price: Free
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Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

Do not rely solely on ad-aware! 4 stars
I love this program and would not be without it. But, NO ONE PROGRAM CATCHES ALL MALWARE. I have 4 programs: AdAware, Spybot, A Squared and MS Antispyware Beta. -One day this week I ran 4 scans, the 1st 3 found nothing. The last, MS, found "VCatch" spyware. AdAware was one of the 3 that missed it. -Today I ran my 4 scans. 3 found nothing. One found a Data Miner tracking cookie from "Realnetworks". The one that nailed it was AdAware! Real co. is bad for cookies.That's why I prefer Winamp or Windows players instead. Snapfiles is a reputable site, but some download sites are not. Some list both good programs and baddies that actually plant malware while claiming to rid you of it! This is how I got "VCatch" Spyware. VCatch is such a rogue program. Price: Free
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