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FeedExplorer FeedExplorer

Neat and logical 4 stars
A very nice piece of software. Not too many bells and whistles, so there's nothing wasted, and it does the job it sets out to do - which is to read feeds. The interface looks attractive and all the controls are intuitive. A great piece of freeware that should serve as a glaring example to some of the over-complex rubbish out there that people are expected to pay for. Love it. Price: Free
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Stickies Stickies

Excellent 4 stars
Nice little piece of software that does precisely what it says it'll do. Who could ask for more? :-) Price: Free
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Thingamablog Thingamablog

Not great but trying hard 4 stars
Once you're through working out how to set this up, it works beautifully and neatly. One of the clear drawbacks is having to install Java first but if you can tolerate that, this is a worthy piece of blogging software. I've no idea why it's in this section - the RSS thing is rarely used by anybody, as far as I can see. The worst drawback with the blogging section is that it doesn't allow for comments to be made - other than that, it's good, neat, adaptable and (oh joy) doesn't require all that messing around with MySQL that so many other bits of blog software require. Good stuff. Price: Free
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Opera Opera

Speedy, safe and classy... 5 stars
I've used loads of browsers on a whole host of machines over the years and nothing comes close to Opera in speed or sheer style. Infinitely adaptable, as safe as it gets and classy as all hell, it packs in more features than all the others put together. Email client, newsreader, RSS feed reader, coffee-maker, it's got the lot. What a star! Ten out of ten. (I lied about the coffee-maker) Price: Free
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Gsplit Gsplit

A good example of great freeware 4 stars
Excellent piece of software. It does precisely what it says on the box (that that it has a box). Well recommended for those who need such a utility. Price: Free
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