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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

Tired of add-on problems with updates 2 stars
Tired of my addons and themes no longer working with each update. Addblock Plus quit working with v.3 of Firefox. Who wants a browser with no ad blocking? Reinstalled v.2 - Mozilla can keep their updates. Not worth the problems. Price: Free
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BlockNote for the Net BlockNote for the Net

Very handy - easy to use 5 stars
Excellent. If you are looking for a WYSIWYG editor that is fast and easy to use......this one is a "KEEPER". I've been using the original free version of Front Page Express for years which has a continuous problem, locking up when I try to insert hyperlinks. Nice to have an editor that is as easy to use as Express and doesn't lock up on me. NICE WORK. Price: Free
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Spamihilator Spamihilator

Deleted this one right after i installed it. 1 stars
I don't need a program to label email as spam AFTER its downloaded. I can do that with my eyes. I need a program that filters spam BEFORE its downloaded. ALSO...this program alters your account and server settings. There should be a WARNING on the program before its installed. I would recommend ... or any other program that deletes spam BEFORE its downloaded. Most snapfiles reviews are a good guide for the better programs. Really disappointed with Spamihilator. Deleted this one right away. Price: Free
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Thunderbird Thunderbird

Basic mail/news - hardly worth the download. 1 stars
This is a very basic mail/newsreader lacking a lot of features you will find on more developed programs. If you are looking for a good newsgroup program this is not it. If you want a basic email client this will work, but I would wait until Thunderbird can be upgraded to the latest version/build without downloading the whole program. The download is too big for a program that offers so little. Even more so if you have to redownload for any upgrades. Price: Free
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Maxthon Maxthon

Maxthon takes the lead 5 stars
As the browser war continue, I continue to change browsers and my ratings. Maxthon currently offers the most features with the most options for layouts. It also has over 100 skins that are easily installed. I've tried them all (Avant, Firefox, Slimbrowser, etc.) Maxthon is currently #1. More options and flexibility than Avant and Firefox (both of which are also excellent browsers). If your main priority is "security", using Firefox may be safer or it may not be. If you have a good virus protection installed along with Spyware Blaster this is not a concern. I havn't had any problems in 10 years. Anyone claiming that they use Firefox because it is "SAFE" or "SAFER" really don't know what they are talking about. If I switch to Firefox it will be due to the options, flexibility, etc. Not from following the sheep who believe it is "SAFE" or "SAFER". Price: Free
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XnView XnView

#1 flexible and fast 5 stars
I've downloaded and experimented with most of the free image viewers (acdsee, irfan, fastone, vallen jpegger, viscere, Xnview, etc.)and would rate Xnview #1 above all the rest. Fast, flexible, and easy to use. Optional layout for directory, preview, thumbnails, etc. If IMAGE VIEWING is your priority, Xnview outperforms all the others. Price: Free
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